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Getting Started

Becoming a Student at NECC:

1. Contact Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services to schedule an appointment to review your communication and educational needs (interpreting, assistive listening device, notetaking, etc.)

Email: deafservices@necc.mass.edu

Phone: 978-241-7045 (VP/V)

2. Fill out a NECC Admission Application. (PDF)

3. Sign up for Assessment Testing.

4. Review the English Language Courses for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students web page for information regarding specialized courses offered to students who are deaf or hard of hearing. (Enrollment depends on assessment test results.)

Service Request Process:

  1. Contact Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services to file a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Application for Services.
  2. Students will also be required to sign a Student Services Agreement form which includes information on service provider expectations, attendance and scheduling.
    • Depending on the number of accommodations approved (i. e. interpreting, notetaking, assistive listening device), students may be required to sign additional agreements for each service provided.
    • Agreement forms must be signed every semester.


  3. Submit a copy (not original) of recent Audiology Report/Audiogram to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.