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What is PACE?

TRIO student support services

Q: How can PACE help me with classes?

A: PACE can help you do well in your courses by referring you to tutors, providing you with a Smarthinking account, monitoring your progress using Starfish, and providing academic skills workshops. PACE also provides intensive individualized academic advising one-on-one.

Q: How can PACE help me financially?

A: PACE can help you research and apply for additional scholarships to help you pay for your college education. Some students may be eligible for special PACE scholarships just for students in the program. We also offer workshops on financial literacy each semester.

Q: How can PACE help me with transferring?

A: Thinking about continuing your education? Explore four-year colleges and universities with us. We visit approximately 10 to 14 colleges each year. Field trips are 100% free of charge and a great way to explore your options. Our advisors can also assist you with researching colleges and answering questions you may have.

Q: How much time is required if I join PACE?

A: We love to see our students as often as possible, but the great thing about PACE is that students can decide which services they want to use. There is no set time commitment; we want you to take advantage of the services we have that you want/need the most!

Q: I’m not able to spend extra time on campus – will PACE still be able to help?

A: Yes – with the exception of field trips, all of our services are available either online or through phone/email. We deliver academic workshops though Blackboard, so you can still benefit and participate, even if you’re not physically on campus!

Q: Where can you find more information about PACE?

A: Call, email, but best of all come in and visit the PACE offices.


Karen Mitchell
PACE Program Director

kmitchell@necc.mass.edu 978-556-3404

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