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Blackboard and In Person Workshops for Spring 2017

Workshop Schedule
Workshop Description Date Available Location
1,2,3 Transfer! Transferring to a four year school should be an exciting and enlightening experience. The steps are very straightforward and you CAN do it! We’ll cover a basic transfer “to do list” and hear the advice of PACE graduates who are now university students! January 23 Blackboard
Scholarships 101 Last year alone, PACE students earned over $600,000 in scholarships and financial aid. YES, REALLY! Come find out how to get a piece of the pie and reduce YOUR college expenses. We’ll also hear from PACE scholarship superstars of years past and get their advice on how to cash in! January 30 Blackboard
Scholarship Essay Writing Let’s learn the basics of how to get started on your personal statement/scholarship essay. We’ll break it down into easy steps to help you get off to a great start virtually stress free. It’s an integral part of the NECC Scholarship Application – let us help you get it done! February 6 Blackboard
Completing the 2017 NECC Scholarship Application Today we will be learning the ins & outs of how to submit your NECC/PACE scholarship application using the AcademicWorks online system. If you have your essay ready, you will be able to finalize & submit your application by the end of this workshop. February 13 Blackboard
External Scholarship Opportunities Learn about amazing scholarship opportunities in the community and around the country! The sky is the limit for motivated students. We’ll help you target your “best bets” so you can focus on scholarships that are a good match for you & your goals! February 20 Blackboard
Summer Opportunities Looking for productive ways to spend your summer? Are you interested in participating in a paid research project? Finding an awesome internship? Or having some fun on a budget? Let PACE help – we’ll check out job opportunities, low cost events, programs and much more! February 27 Blackboard
LinkedIn Over 300 million professionals now have LinkedIn accounts. Come learn about this fascinating tool which can be used for networking, recruiting, job searching and more. February 31 Blackboard
Student Loans & Smart Borrowing Just about everyone has to take out student loans to pay for a bachelor’s degree. Did you know even if all your expenses are covered by a Pell Grant at NECC, they won’t be at a 4-year school, even if your financial need stays the same? PACE will teach you what you can do to be a smart borrower. March 6 Blackboard
Spring Break – no new workshop. March 12-19
Financial Literacy 101 Financial issues affect us all in many ways. Let us help you gain a better understanding of the many facets of financial topics, including credit scores, budgeting and much more. Financial Literacy 101 is a free online course that will teach you something new and boost your understanding of finances. March 20 Blackboard

Invest in College Success

Find out how many PACE students have seem their cash DOUBLE just by saving a little each month. NECC has an awesome program called Invest in College Success through the Financial Aid Office. It’s not too good to be true! So get on board and start seeing your savings multiply! March 27 Blackboard
Powers and Loads We all need to balance our energy. We need to have enough energy that is required to do all the things we have to do. This workshop will help you find out if your energy is in balance. April 3 Blackboard
Alumni Transfer Success Panel This is one of our favorite days of the whole year! Join us for a very special presentation featuring a panel of PACE alumni who have already transferred to 4-year colleges. They’re visiting us today to share their stories, advice and “transfer words of wisdom” with us. If they did it, you can, too! Don’t miss the chance to hear these incredible role models speak! April 12 In Person
Location: TBA
Community Engagement Interested in learning more about ways you can get involved and give back to our communities? Come find out how to get involved on campus in in our community! Giving back not only feels great, it builds your resume and scholarship opportunities. Get started today! April 17 Blackboard

Workshops that have already met are currently available for PACE students to complete online through the PACE Blackboard course.