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College Credit for High School Courses

At NECC, students can earn college credit for high school coursework if their school has an articulation agreement with the college. An articulation agreement is an officially approved agreement that aligns coursework at the high school level with coursework at Northern Essex Community College. An articulation agreement also outlines the procedure by which Northern Essex Community College awards credit to secondary education students who have successfully met the criteria to be eligible to receive credit. In order to receive articulated credit, students must…

  • Achieve a grade of “B” or better in the articulated course(s) and meet any other requirements specified in the agreement(s) to receive the college credit.
  • Apply and be admitted to Northern Essex Community College.
  • Provide evidence of eligibility upon admission to the college for proper placement within their program and posting of articulated credit.
  • Enroll in courses at Northern Essex Community College prior to three years from the time the secondary courses were completed.

There are many benefits to receiving articulated credit including:

  • Savings on tuition, books and fees
  • Saving time without duplicating class work
  • Opening time in your schedule for other learning experiences and studying

We have current articulation agreements with the following high schools: Amesbury High School, Greater Lawrence Technical School, Haverhill High School, Methuen High School, and Whittier Regional Technical High School. There are also several statewide articulation agreements in place. To see the current agreements, please visit our articulation agreements page.

Transferring Articulated Credit to Four-Year Institutions

Please note that articulated credit will be accepted at NECC, but it will not be accepted as transfer credit at four-year institutions. If a student plans to transfer to a four-year school, they have the option of paying half-price to enroll in the articulated credit course as a directed study. For more information please visit our Course, Program and Graduation Policies.

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