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ACCUPLACER Policies & Regulations



Mandatory Assessment and Planned Course Placement

Academic Assessment Policies

Academic Assessment at NECC is defined as a test of a student’s abilities in reading, writing, math, and English as a Second Language (ESL).

The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education mandates that all students entering state colleges must complete an assessment in order to determine basic skills levels for course placement. Based on assessment results, a student may be required to initially enroll in one or more developmental or ESL courses in order to prepare for college level course work.

Assessment and planned course placement are required for students who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Students enrolling in a degree or certificate program (matriculated students).
  • Students enrolling in the following courses: English Composition I; college level math; developmental reading, writing, and math; ESL; all courses with numbers beginning with zero; and all other courses with entrance level skills requirements. Please refer to the course description to determine if an assessment is required for a particular course.
  • Non matriculated students will be allowed to register for up to two courses**, prior to assessment (with the exception of those courses listed above.)

** Courses are limited and must be selected from an approved list.  The list is updated on a regular basis and is available in the Career Planning and Advising Center.

Expiration of Accuplacer Assessment results:
All developmental reading, writing, math and ESL course placements are valid for one year from the date of assessment.

College level placements in reading, writing and math are valid for three years from the date of assessment.

Assessment Waivers:

Students with prior college credits or SAT scores may be eligible for a partial or full waiver of the Assessment. Waivers are granted based on review of SAT transcripts, CLEP and Advanced Placement (AP) Transcripts. Contact Enrollment Services at 978-556-3700 or stop in one of the Career Planning and Advising Centers to inquire about the waiver process.

Assessment Methods:

Reading, math, writing and sentence skills assessments are administered with the state-mandated Accuplacer test, a web-based assessment system. Students who apply for enrollment in English Language courses will be assessed with the Accuplacer LOEP reading test and specialized grammar, writing and communication assessments.

Math Placement Pilot Project:

In the Fall of 2014, Northern Essex Community College began a pilot project that has been requested by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education’s Task Force on Transforming Developmental Math Education.

In accordance with the state’s recommendations, all 2014 high school graduates and beyond will be eligible for a math placement based on their high school GPA or Accuplacer. The pilot study will include all 2014 graduates, both in and out of state.

  1. All students planning to enroll in Spring, 2015 classes or beyond should submit their final high school transcript as part of the application process.
  2. Accuplacer testing will still be required for entry into most courses. Students required to test should complete the Reading, Writing and Sentence Skills portion of the Accuplacer test. We strongly encourage all students to also take the math test at this time so that we may properly evaluate academic skills levels and help them register for the most appropriate math course.
  3. Students whose overall GPA is 2.7 or higher and meet the necessary reading prerequisite may register for an entry level college level math course, regardless of a developmental math placement with the Accuplacer test. For example, the GPA places the student into College Algebra & Trigonometry/Applied Technical Math but Accuplacer places the student into Basic Algebra II. The student will be eligible to register for College Algebra & Trigonometry/Applied Technical Math but also has the option to register for Basic Algebra II.
  4. High School GPAs will be accepted for 3 years from the date of graduation.
  5. The Accuplacer test can place students at a higher level than the GPA placement.  Therefore, it is in their best interest to take the test.
  6. Only transcripts that are calculated on a scale of 4.0 will be used for this pilot. All others will be required to take Accuplacer.
  7. Anyone who falls outside of the 2014 graduation criteria, does not have a GPA noted on the transcript or does not provide a transcript will be required to take the Accuplacer math test for placement.

Special Accommodations for Assessments:

Students with documented disabilities should contact the Learning Accommodations Center to arrange for special accommodations well in advance of their assessment date.

Accuplacer Fax/Email Information: 

There is a $25.00 ACCUPLACER Fax/Email Fee for anyone who has taken the ACCUPLACER at NECC and is requesting that scores be faxed, emailed or mailed to another institution. 

Submit a non-refundable NECC Fee of $25.00 and complete the required Request to have ACCUPLACER Scores Released Form. There are 3 methods available to make this request:

  • OnlineClick here to register through our Noncredit FlexReg scheduling system. Submit your Request to have ACCUPLACER Scores Released Form online and pay your fee by credit card. You must sign in or create an account for FlexReg. If you are a current student, your username is your NECC ID and your password is your Self-Service password. If you do not remember your password, contact the Service Desk and they will reset your password to your date of birth and you will then be able to reset it. The registration cycle is January-December of each year. During each registration cycle, first time requests select Accuplacer Fax/Email Request Fee-Test One. If you have made a previous request at NECC, select Accuplacer Fax/Email Request Fee – Test Two, Test Three.

If you have trouble submitting your application online you can scan/save and email it to testing@necc.mass.edu or print and fax it to 978-556-3169.

When using FlexReg Pop-Up Blockers must be disabled to enable registration and payment using FlexReg.

When using FlexReg for your online payment, do not X out of the windows until you have completed the entire process. Once you register and the payment process is complete, you can then Sign Out.

Do not close any windows throughout the FlexReg process. Leave your FlexReg window open and your TouchNet Payment window open until you have completed the payment process.

You will receive two (2) emails upon completion of your FlexReg process; one for your Course Registration and the second one for your TouchNet Payment confirmation. Do not close any windows until you receive these two (2) emails. Once you receive the two (2) emails, you can Sign Out. Do not X out.

  • Walk-inClick here to print out Request to have ACCUPLACER Scores Released Form and bring the completed application to the Academic Placement & Testing Center.  You can make your payment for your registration fees by credit card, money order or check at the time you walk-in.
  • Mail-inClick here to print out the Request to have ACCUPLACER Scores Released Form and mail the completed application in with a money order only, made payable to NECC, for $25.00.

You request will be processed when your registration form and payment is received and authorized.

Accepting Accuplacer Faxed Scores

NECC will accept Accuplacer raw scores only. We do not accept placements. To have another institution fax your scores to NECC, please have the institution fax your ACCUPLACER scores to: Northern Essex Community College, Academic Placement & Testing Center, Fax number 978-556-3169 or Email testing@necc.mass.edu.

For more information on policies and regulations, email testing@necc.mass.edu.

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