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CLEP & DSST Testing

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) helps students earn credit for what they already know, regardless of how that knowledge was acquired. By receiving a satisfactory score on a CLEP exam, students can earn up to 12 college credits toward a college degree, depending on the exam subject and the policy of the college. Click here for FAQ’s.

The DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST) is an effective method to provide your college with evidence of prior learning. Click here for a list of exams.

Registration Steps (1-2-3):

  1. Sign up and pay for the CLEP or DSST exam you would like to take. The fee for each exam is $80.00.
  2. To test at Northern Essex, fill out the CLEP or DSST Registration Form. To select your date for testing at NECC, click here
  3. Submit your non-refundable NECC Registration Fee of $35.00 to reserve your seat one of the following ways;
    • Click here for online payment. (Payment by credit card) You must sign in or create an account for FlexReg. If you are a current student, your username is your NECC ID and your password is your Self-Service password.  If you do not remember your password, contact the Service Desk and they will reset your password to your date of birth and you will then be able to reset it.  First time test takers select CLEP/DSST Registration Fee-Test One. If you have tested at NECC, select the appropriate CLEP/DSST Registration Fee – Test Two, Test Three, Test Four, Test Five, Test Six, Test Seven, Test Eight, Test Nine, Test Ten. You must fax your CLEP or DSST Registration Form to 978-556-3169.


      Note: When using FlexReg Pop-Up Blockers must be disabled to enable registration and payment using FlexReg.

      When using FlexReg for your online payment, do not X out of the windows until you have completed the entire process.  Once you register and the payment process is complete, you can then Sign Out.

      Do not close any windows throughout the FlexReg process.  Leave your FlexReg window open and your TouchNet Payment window open until you have completed the payment process.

      You will receive two (2) emails upon completion of your FlexReg process; one for your Course Registration and the second one for your TouchNet Payment confirmation.  Do not close any windows until you receive these two (2) emails.  Once you receive the two (2) emails, you can Sign Out.  Do not X out.

    • Money Order (Made payable to NECC) – Mail or hand deliver your CLEP/DSST Registration Form & Fee to the Academic Placement & Testing Center, 100 Elliott St., Haverhill, MA  01830, Technology Center, Room TC-128.
    • Walk-in (Payment by Money Order, made payable to NECC, or by Credit Card) – Stop by the Academic Placement & Testing Center, 100 Elliott St., Haverhill, MA  01830, Technology Center, Room TC-128 to fill out your CLEP/DSST Registration Form and NECC Registration Form.

You will receive confirmation materials when your registration form and payment is received and authorized. 

All examinees who need to reschedule or who do not arrive for their scheduled exam must re-submit the $35.00 registration fee and a new registration form. All exam dates are subject to cancellation if there are low numbers of examinees. (Please note that this rarely happens.) Students will be notified within 3 business days of the exam if there is a need to cancel.

For Military Examinees

CLEP/DSST fee is waived but NECC registration fee is not. Please see CLEP Military Options (PDF46KB) or DSST Military Options for more information.

Study Resources for CLEP Exams

Information for Candidates 2012-13 College-Level Examination Program

CLEP Study Resources

Test Preparation

NECC Library (Search KEYWORD CLEP Preparation)

CLEP Study Guides

The Official CLEP Study Guide

Other Study Resources

Study Resources for DSST Exams

DSST Official Test Preparation Guide

Official Guide to Mastering DSST Exams

Test Preparation

Practice Exams

Test Taker Information Bulletin

DSST has launched applications for smart phones within the Android Google Play and Apple App stores. The application displays a detailed listing of each exam, content outline, references and recommendations. Additionally, it allows the user to take a free practice exam (roughly 10 questions). Check it out for yourself by searching for DSST in your app store – and download the app and take a free quiz today!

Apple App Store Download
Google Play Store Download

Accommodated Testing

Students with documented disabilities should contact the Learning Accommodations Center to arrange for special accommodations well in advance of their assessment date.

Students with documented disabilities:

Call:(978) 556-3654

See also

CLEP Credit Awarded at NECC (PDF)
DSST Credit Awarded at NECC (PDF)

Please note:  Northern Essex Community College does not award credit for all of the CLEP exams that are provided by the Academic Placement & Testing Center. Northern Essex Community College awards CLEP & DSST credits earned by the achievement of the required scores listed in the CLEP & DSST General/Subject Exams. The score requirements are set through the recommendation of the American Council on Education and based on review by faculty at Northern Essex Community College.  If you are taking a CLEP/DSST exam for another institution, you should check with that institution to find out which CLEP & DSST credits are awarded.

Transcript Request

To request a CLEP Transcript, click here. To request a DSST Transcript, click here.

Additional Information

Click here for additional Information to earning course credit through Prior Learning Assessments.