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Academic Placement & Testing Center

Main Number: 978-556-3872
Haverhill Fax Number: 978-556-3169
Lawrence Fax Number: 978-738-7116 

Haverhill Campus

Donna Bertolino, Assistant Dean of Academic Support Services,

Office: TC-125
Phone: 978-556-3431
Email: dbertolino@necc.mass.edu

Donna Felisberto, Coordinator of Student Assessment, Credit for Life Learning & HSE Chief Examiner

Office: TC-128,
Phone: 978-556-3410,
Email: dfelisberto@necc.mass.edu

Eileen Hayes-Johnson, Administrative Assistant

Office: TC-126
Phone: 978-556-3427

Sue Alestock, Technical Assistant III

Office: TC-128
Phone: 978-556-3778
Email: salestock@necc.mass.edu

Lorna Walsh, PT Systems Analyst,

Office: TC-126
Phone: 978-556-3776
Email: lwalsh@necc.mass.edu

Nancy Carroll, PT Clerk III/Test Examiner, CPAC-20/

Office: TC-128
Phone: 978-556-3458
Email: ncarroll@necc.mass.edu

Peggy Lambert, PT Technical Assistant II

Office: TC-128
Phone: 978-556-3448
Email: mlambert@necc.mass.edu

Laura Roche, PT Eve. Assessment Specialist

Office: TC-128,
Email: lroche@necc.mass.edu

Denise Torrey, PT Technical Assistant II

Office: TC-128
Phone: 978-556-3448

Helen Burns-Vasques, PT Technical Assistant II, CPAC-01/

Office: TC-128
Phone: 978-556-3438
Email: hburnsvasques@necc.mass.edu

Lawrence Campus

Louise Michaud, Assessment Officer,

Office: L-103
Phone: 978-738-7430
Email: lmichaud@necc.mass.edu

Debra Scannell, PT Technical Assistant III

Office: L-135
Phone: 978-738-7426
Email: dscannell@necc.mass.edu

Betania Villa, PT Technical Assistant II

Office: L-135
Phone: 978-738-742
Email: bvilla@necc.mass.edu