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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is eligible for a Friends of NECC Scholarship?
I'm an incoming freshman can I apply for a scholarship?
Does NECC offer any Transfer Scholarships?
What types of scholarships does NECC offer?
Where do I get an NECC General Scholarship application?
What do I do once I have a scholarship application?
When will I know if I have or have not received a scholarship award?
How will I receive my scholarship award?
How do I receive my Transfer Scholarship award?
What should I write in my personal statement?
How do I obtain a letter of reference?
What type of information should be included in a letter of recommendation?
How do I submit my letter of recommendation?
I receive Financial Aid, can I apply for a scholarship?
If I do not have Financial Aid, can I apply for a scholarship?
Can I apply for a scholarship every year?
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