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NECC Presidential Scholarship

A group of presidential scolarship winners, their guidance counselors and NECC President Lane Glenn
Past NECC Presidential Scholarship winners with President Lane Glenn. (The number of scholarship winners may vary).

The NECC Presidential Scholarship is designed to reward motivated high school students who will be attending Northern Essex. In addition to the honor of being named to this selective group, students receive a $1,000 scholarship from the college. The Scholars are encouraged to participate in a variety of enrichment programs offered at Northern Essex, including the Student Leadership Development Program, the Student Ambassador Program, and the college’s Honors Experience Program.

Presidential Scholarship Awards

$1,000 ($500 for fall 2020/$500 for spring 2021)

The number of awards available vary.

Presidential Scholarship Eligibility

To support your nomination please apply to NECC and register for classes as soon as possible.

Must be registered at NECC for minimum of 6 credits for fall and spring semester.

Please ask your guidance counselor/teacher to recommend you for this award.

Nomination Form



Applications for the 2020-2021 year has closed.


For more information, please contact the Admission Office at

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