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A student in deep thought, taking a test.

Accuplacer Testing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Do I Have to Be Assessed?
What Type of Test Method Is Used?
How Long Will the ACCUPLACER Testing Take?
What Does It Cost to Be Assessed?
What Should I Bring on the Date I Take My ACCUPLACER Testing?
Should I study for ACCUPLACER?
When Do My ACCUPLACER Results Expire?
What If I Have Already Taken the ACCUPLACER Assessment at NECC or Another College?
How Can I Have My ACCUPLACER Scores Faxed/Emailed to Another Institution?
Do I Still Need to Test If I Have Taken College Courses Before?
What If English Is Not My First Language?
What If I Have a Diagnosed Disability and Need Testing Accommodations?
When Will My ACCUPLACER Results Be Available?
How Will I Get My ACCUPLACER Results?
When Can I Register for Classes?
What If I Am a Returning Student/or I Am Not in a Major?

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