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Marcy Vozzella

Faces of NECC Marcy Vozzella

Professor Vozzella’s colleagues call her “a rock star.” While she does teach geology, among other natural science courses, she acquired the moniker because of her popularity with students rather than the fact that she teaches rocks. Passionate about environmental issues and the natural sciences, she loves “turning her students on to science.” “Some students come into class thinking they don’t like science. I love showing them how exciting science can be,” she says.

Professor Vozzella’s favorite course is taught every two years, many miles away from Northern Essex Community College in South America. She and her colleague Ken Thomas bring students on a ten-day educational journey in which they explore the bio-geology of the Amazon Basin and the Volcanoes of Ecuador.

“The Amazon Basin has 2.5 million insect species, tens of thousands of plants, and over 2000 birds and mammals,” she says. “And this is where our students are conducting their lab work for this course. It’s an incredible experience.”

Professor Vozzella is also passionate about service learning—which combines what students are learning in the classroom with community service projects—believing that students benefit by gaining hands on experience as well as a sense of satisfaction from helping others. Her students have recently helped local communities by assessing the health of the trees in downtown Newburyport and conducting a thorough energy audit for city facilities in Lawrence.

You can contact Professor Vozzella at mvozzella@necc.mass.edu.