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Michelle Deane

Michelle Deane, Dance Program Coordinator, Faculty.As a college student, dance changed Michelle Deane’s life. Now, as coordinator of the college’s dance program, she hopes dance will change the lives of her students.

“I have loved dance my whole life,” says Professor Deane. “But being a dance major in college was life changing. I was learning the craft of dance. Not just steps but the history, the choreographic terms and practices, and the science foundations behind dance.”

Professor Deane earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from UMass Amherst and a Master of Education degree from Cambridge College. She has been teaching dance for more than 15 years – the last five at NECC.

“I always wanted to teach dance at the college level and it was my first choice after having danced for so many years in Boston,” the 33-year-old says.

She particularly enjoys teaching dance composition and dance pedagogy.

“I enjoy teaching the craft of choreography and introducing students to new ways of putting movement together.”

In dance pedagogy her students learn dance teaching practices as well as injury prevention by studying the muscles and bones of the human body from a dance perspective.

Every day this high-spirited mother of two mixes pop culture with classical dance and dance history to educate and engage her dance students.

“I am excited about putting dances together and to have my students experience that process with me in what I choreograph and with their own choreography as well,” she says. “I love to share the history of where some movement comes from. Many students do not realize how deep and rich our dance history is.”

NECC dance students benefit from being taught by a dance performer. Professor Deane currently dances for a modern dance-based company – “Six one Seven Dance Collective,” in Boston.