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Kristi Arford

Kristi Arford, Behavioral Sciences FacultyFor the past four years Professor Arford has taught Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Sociology, Sex and Gender in the Global World and her personal favorite – Archaeological Site Explorations which is a short term study abroad class.

It is important to her to occasionally take the class out of the classroom.

“Through the Archaeological Site Exploration class, the students and I travel together to see real ancient archaeological sites,” says Professor Arford. “Last year I took 10 students on a trip to Turkey to visit some of the world’s most impressive archaeological sites.”

Her own desire to explore the diverse cultures of the world led her to this profession.

“I love the idea of being able to learn about and teach others about the many fascinating cultures of the world,” she says. “It’s exciting to have the opportunity to open students’ minds to the diversity of possibilities outside of their current realm of experiences. I try and give them the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and how they are connected to their culture. This gets them talking and thinking about their own lives and how they share many similarities with other people in other cultures around the world. ”

Her own life experiences include earning a master’s degree in anthropology from New Mexico State University and completing two years in a post-graduate program under a King Fahd scholarship for Middle East and Islamic Studies at the University of Arkansas.

Before teaching at NECC, Professor Arford spent two years as a field archaeologist performing cultural resource management in the American southwest.