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The Institute for Community and Workforce Development

The Institute for Community and Workforce Development is a unit within Northern Essex Community College’s Business Division intended to provide education and training for community residents in diverse areas of workforce development. Additionally, we conduct research on community and workforce development issues, along with disseminating relevant information. The Institute’s programs are also designed to provide remedial classes, adult basic education, readiness for the General Equivalency Diploma exam, and more advanced community and leadership training. Our three main objectives are:

  • To help those in the workforce and employers understand the experiences and conditions of those living and working in the Merrimack Valley.
  • To do applied research that assists in the development and improvement of policy in community and workforce development.
  • To support and expand the involvement of those individuals in the workforce, business, policy makers, organizers and planners in education and training.

Publications and Policy Recommendations

New – Latinos in Higher Education (PDF)

Associate Degrees by Racial Groups (PDF)

The Changing Role of Community Colleges in America and a Comparative Look at the System of Higher Education in China (PDF)

Article presented to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing, China. Using China’s system of higher education as an “ideal typical” government controlled institution, this presentation looks at the extent to which community colleges in the US have become the vehicle of social control for economic and political elite by indoctrinating recently arrived immigrants of color in to the work ethos of the US.

The Latino Business Community of Lawrence, Massachusetts: A Profile and Analysis (PDF)
Research study of over 55% of the known Latino entrepreneurs in Lawrence, Massachusetts. One of the major findings of this study is that Latino business owners comprise an important part of the economic future of the City of Lawrence. Contains basic demographic data on Lawrence, Massachusetts. (May 2000)

The above profile also includes the following survey:

Latino Business Survey (PDF)

Making of a Community with Latinos in Lawrence, MA (PDF)

Download the Adobe Reader to view PDF files.

Download the Adobe Reader to view PDF files.

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