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College of Older Learners

“You’re Never Too Old To Be CoOL!”

Are you over 50 and looking to participate in challenging educational opportunities? Are you interested in attending stimulating seminars simply for the love and joy of learning? Then NECC’s new College of Older Learners (CoOL) is for you! Come and explore subjects of interest as part of a community. Both members and seminar leaders will challenge their intellects and take responsibility for the subject.
“Membership Driven, Peer Led”

10 Reasons why YOU should join CoOL

  • Our life experiences will be confirmed and valued
  • TO create a new model of aging for ourselves
  • TO be part of a community of active and engaged learners
  • TO learn for the simple JOY of LEARNING
  • TO expand our minds
  • TO discover our hidden potential
  • TO exercise our brains and increase our vitality
  • TO explore issues surrounding aging
  • TO engage in active peer learning and teaching
  • and because… IT’S COOL TO BE CoOL

COOL as a state of being (definition)

  • A transcendent, internal peace and serenity
  • An absence of conflict
  • A state of harmony and balance
  • Composure, especially in times of stress

Current Seminars

Visit our Seminars information page for the list of our current session seminar offerings.

The seminars will run for 6 consecutive weeks (Except as noted due to holidays). Sessions meet one day each week in either the:
(A) Haverhill Campus Bentley Library
(B) General Services Center
(C) Haverhill Campus Spurk Building
(D) Lawrence, at the RIVERWALK complex opposite SAL’s restaurant

For members wishing to participate in a morning and afternoon seminar at Riverwalk, a room will be provided where members can socialize and eat their own bagged lunches.

If you would like to view a list of the completed seminars go to the Past Seminars page.


For information on how to register for upcoming seminars, please visit our registration page.


Do you have questions, ideas for seminar topics, or want more information? Please visit our Contact page for details.