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Academic Departments and Contact Information
Departments and Programs Contact Person Phone Email
Academic Preparation James Sullivan 978-556-3531
Academic Preparation: First Year Seminar Eldiane Elmeus 978-556-3366
Academic Preparation: Developmental Math Linda Murphy 978-556-3848
Academic Preparation: Developmental English Joanna Fortna 978-556-3406
Academic Preparation: ESL Amy Cameron 978-665-5815
Ambulatory Services (including
Gen. Studies: Health Specialization,
& Medical Assisting
Kathy Welch Hudson 978-655-5874
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Jerome Fallon 978-556-3371
American Sign Language Studies Kevin Fleese 978-556-3312
Art, Design & Photography Michelle Carter 978-556-3365
Behavioral Sciences Kristi Arford 978-556-3405
Business (including Accounting Program) Kristen Quinn 978-556-3351
Business Management: Healthcare Option David J. Weber 978-556-5873
Computer & Information Science Jason Termini 978-556-3874
Criminal Justice Paul Cavan 978-556-3551
Culinary/ Hospitality Denis Boucher 978-556-3201
Dental Assisting Kerin Hamidiani 978-738-7427
Early Childhood Education Jody Carson 978-556-3361
Elementary Education Donna Tanner 978-556-3312
Emergency Medical Services David J. Weber 978-655-5873
Engineering/Physics Paul Chanley 978-556-3502
English Steve Mathis 978-556-3529
Exercise Science & Health & Fitness Scott McEnelly 978-655-3823
Global Studies (including Foreign Language) Patricia Machado 978-556-3328
Healthcare Technician Cheryl Charest 978-655-5870
Human Services Brian MacKenna-Rice 978-556-3331
Journalism/ Communication Amy Callahan 978-556-3397
Laboratory Sciences Kevin Mitchell 978-556-3343
Liberal Arts Program Patricia Portanova 978-556-3379
Liberal Arts: Psychology Isabelle Gagne 978-556-3364
Liberal Arts: Writing Patricia Portanova 978-556-3379
Mathematics Habib Maagoul 978-556-3344
Medical Coding &
Medical Billing)
Dawn Wheaten 978-655-5879
Medical Imaging Services
(including Radiologic Technology)
Angela Bowers 978-655-5932
Middle/High School Teaching Donna Tanner 978-556-3312
Music Alisa Bucchiere 978-556-3779
Natural Sciences Michael Cross 978-556-3362
Nursing Rachel Boersma 978-738-5931
Paramedic / EMT David J. Weber 978-655-5873
Public Health/
Community Health Worker
Jacqueline Dick 978-655-7412
Respiratory Care Jennifer Jackson-Stevens 978-655-5893
Sleep Technology Lyn Blythe 978-655-5892
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