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Student Services Locations


During the Spruck construction project, which is scheduled June 2016-August 2017, several departments and services will be relocated to other locations. You can view the updated Department Relocations list here.

For current office locations for faculty and staff, please do a search using the employee directory.

Alumni Association A-301
Athletics D-119
Bookstore Behrakis One-Stop Student Center, 2nd Floor
Campus Security C-112B
Career Planning and Advising Center (CPAC) Behrakis One-Stop Student Center, 2nd Floor
Computer Lab B-216
English Language Center C-207
Financial Aid Behrakis One-Stop Student Center, 1st Floor
Fitness and Recreation D-137 B
Honors Program C-317 B
Leadership and Student Senate D-117
Learning Accommodations SC-111
Math and Science Center C-201
Observer C-222 B
PACE (Pathways to Academic Excellence) Behrakis One-Stop Student Center, 2nd Floor
Reading Center C-211
Student Clubs and Organizations D-119
Student ID Card D-117
Top Notch Players C-336
Tutoring Center C-200 A
Veterans Services SC-216
Writing Center C-205
Alumni Association Dr. Ibrahim El Hefni Allied Health and Technology Center
Bookstore Bookstore
Campus Security Riverwalk, Building 9, Entry K, 3rd Floor
Franklin Street, Main Entrance
Amesbury Street, 1st Floor
Computer Lab L-239
English Language Center L-200
Financial Aid One-Stop
Math Center LA-103/104
PACE (Pathways to Academic Excellence) L-101
Reading Center L-200
Student Clubs and Organizations L-130
Student ID Card L-133
Tutoring Center L-200
Writing Center L-200