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Student speaking at 2021 Commencement

NECC Student Commencement Speaker Nomination for 2023

If you have met a graduating student who has a grade point average of 3.5 or above and has impressed you with the contributions he or she has made to the college and/or community, please consider nominating him or her as this year’s student commencement speaker.

For students who do not fit the student speaker criteria but have incredible stories to tell about their time at NECC, please contact Melissa Bouse at

There are Two Things Required for Each Nomination

  1. Letter(s) of Support

    To nominate a student, draft a letter to the student speaker selection committee explaining why your nominee would be a good candidate for student speaker.

    In your letter, you should address areas such as:

    • the extracurricular activities of your nominee;
    • how your nominee contributed to the college and/or the community in which he or she lives and/or works; and
    • the future educational and/or career plans of your nominee.

    While only one letter of support is required, nominees can have up to four additional letters of support. Also, we encourage you to include copies of news coverage, special awards or other items of interest that you would like the student speaker selection committee to consider.

  2. Completed Nomination Form: Available Online
    You can now submit your nomination for student commencement speaker using our online Commencement Speaker Nomination Form 2023. The online form allows you to enter the required information and easily upload your letter(s) of support.

    If you prefer, you can still nominate a student speaker by submitting your nomination (with letters of support). Please send them to Janice Rogers, Northern Essex Community College, 45 Franklin Street Lawrence MA 01840.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Janice Rogers at or call 978-556-3429.


The deadline for submitting your nomination is Thursday, March 30, 2023.

The Selection Process

The information you submit (letter of support, news coverage, special awards or other items of interest), as well as official transcripts will be considered by a committee of faculty and staff who will make recommendations to President Glenn. This is a very competitive process so please be sure that the materials you provide reflect the full scope of the individual you are recommending and clearly communicate why this person should be selected to represent the Class of 2023.


It’s wise to let students know that you plan to nominate them for this honor since some many not feel comfortable speaking in front of an audience of 2,700 and may wish to politely decline.

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