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Northern Essex Community College has Several Parking Areas for Students, Faculty and Staff, and Visitors on the Haverhill and Lawrence Campuses. Parking areas are permitted, with a limited free parking space for visitors.

The parking decal requirements are an important part of the college’s overall public safety plan. Parking decals allow Public Safety to know who is on campus at all times, to provide the full extent of available parking to NECC individuals, and assist in identifying the driver of a vehicle in the event of an emergency, accident, etc.

Parking decals are required to park in permitted parking lots. Fees apply for all students, faculty and staff as follows:

  • $8.50 per semester for students
  • $12.00 annually for Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty & Staff, this fee is not prorated

Purchase Your Parking Decal Online

Order your decal online using your Debit/Credit Visa, MasterCard or Discover through Print your receipt and place it on your dashboard until the parking decal arrives in the mail.

Important: You will need your vehicle registration information to complete the Parking Decal Application Form.
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Permit Parking

Haverhill Campus

Haverhill Campus

Permit Parking on the Haverhill Campus

All students, faculty and staff must register their vehicle online at Anyone who parks on the NECC Haverhill campus must have a valid parking decal, and may park in any lot.

Lawrence Campus

Lawrence Campus

Permit Parking on the Lawrence Campus

All students, faculty and staff must register their vehicle online at Anyone who parks on the NECC Lawrence campus must have a valid parking decal, and may park in the following lots:

  • Dimitry (A lot)*
  • Goudreault (C lot) – across from El Hefni
  • Haffner (D lot) – rear of 78 Amesbury Street

Important Notice: NECC facilities staff will hang additional signage regarding parking and entrance/exits to assist with the flow of traffic in and out of Lot A. These signs will also help direct street traffic to the new entrance/exit located on Common Street. Additionally, a sign will be hung on the temporary construction fence reminding students, staff, and visitors that all NECC-related business should be directed to 414 Common Street.

The entrance and exit to Dimitry Lot A will be shifted to Common St. There will be no available access to the Dimitry building via Franklin St. The entrance/exit to the Dimitry parking lot has been enlarged to make it easier for vehicles to enter and exit.  Parking is available for those with a valid NECC parking decal in Lot A. Please be aware and use caution when entering and exiting Lot A.

Please note: Parking within the temporary construction fence are is prohibited. Any person(s) parking within the temporary construction fence area are liable to be towed at the owner’s expense.

September 6, 2017 through May 20, 2018 the Buckley Garage (E lot) or 420 Common St. (B Lot, also known as the Post-Office Lot), will be used for overflow parking purposes only. All students, faculty, and staff on the Lawrence campus will be eligible to have their ticket validated with a valid NECC parking permit when all NECC lots are at full capacity. Public Safety Officers (PSO’s) will not validate tickets if there is available parking in any NECC parking lot.

Additionally, Public Safety Officers will validate tickets from the Buckley Garage (E Lot) or the 420 Common St. (B Lot) parking lot at the following locations on the Lawrence campus:

  • Louise Haffner Fournier Education Center (78 Amesbury St).
  • Dr.Ibrahim El-Hefni Allied Health and Technology Center (414 Common St.)
  • 420 Common Building (420 Common St.)
  • Dimitry Building (45 Franklin St.)
  • ValleyWorks (255 Essex Street)

Tickets from these lots will ONLY be validated Monday through Friday, from September 6, 2017 through May 20, 2018. Once validated, students, faculty and staff will have a grace period of 15 minutes to return to their cars and exit the parking facilities – all NECC persons should have their tickets validated upon leaving campus. NECC is not responsible for charges incurred after the 15 minute grace period.

Visitors and Free Parking Lots

On a space available basis, visitors or employees and students can park for free in one of the following designated areas:


Designated areas in the Hartleb Technology Center parking lot. View the Haverhill Campus Map.


Designated spaces in the Goudreault parking lot (lot C across from 414 Common Street) View the Lawrence Campus Map.

Accessible Parking

For a map of accessible parking locations, please refer to: Directions and Maps.

Assistance with Emergency Evacuation

Pre-register with Public Safety Office each semester. Please keep the Public Safety Office updated on any scheduling changes throughout the semester. Please refer to the Public Safety Office.


Contact the Bursar’s Office at 978-556-3895 or email us at with questions about parking decal.  Additional details and the full parking policy is available here (PDF).

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