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Frequently Asked Questions

Where may I park?
Where is free parking located?
Where may I purchase a parking decal?
I attend night classes only. Do I need a parking decal?
I withdrew from my classes after the semester began. Can I receive a refund for my parking decal?
If I am a student and have a valid parking decal, can I park in Reserved and Visitor spaces?
I have a new vehicle, what should I do?
What should I do if I routinely drive more than one vehicle to the College?
My parking decal was lost or stolen. What should I do?
I purchased a current parking decal for my vehicle, but I need to drive a different vehicle for a few days (vehicle repairs, rental vehicle). What should I do?
I have a State issued disabled placard. Do I need to purchase a College parking decal?
I am a faculty member that is starting work in spring, do I need to pay for a full year parking decal?
How should I pay my parking citation?
Under what circumstances will my vehicle be booted?
I believe I received a parking citation in error. How should I appeal it?
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