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Creating a Level Learning e-Space

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It is much easier to build your course with accessibility in mind at the start, rather than going back to fix problem areas later. By incorporating these simple steps into your workflow, you’ll be on your way to building an accessible course.

The following guidelines are to be used in creating both new courses and courses with significant changes beginning in the fall semester of 2012. For a new course, these guidelines should be followed during the development of the course. For existing courses, these guidelines should begin to take shape in the course at the point of redesign. In the case of a student with a disability enrolling in the course, these guidelines become effective immediately and must be followed accordingly.

The various components of a course have been broken down into simple to use guidelines with links to further tutorials and resources where applicable. Again, taking the time to make these small adjustments in your course will have a great long-term impact for student accessibility.

General Design Concepts and Standards

Infographic: Web Accessibility Quick Guide

Infographic Web Accessibility Quick Guide with text description below.

Text Version: Web Accessibility Quick Guide

General Principles


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