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Message from the President

Dear Friends,

Lane Glenn, President, Northern Essex Community College
Lane Glenn, President, Northern Essex Community College

Welcome to NECC 2020, the strategic plan that will guide Northern Essex Community College for the next four years.

Our plan is based on Appreciative Inquiry, an approach to positive change that has been used successfully in communities and organizations (including many colleges) all around the world. Through Appreciative Inquiry, positive questions are asked, igniting constructive dialogue and inspired action. It’s an approach to planning that Northern Essex has been using for nearly a decade now with great success.

We created NECC 2020 with input from all areas of the college, including faculty, staff, students, and trustees; as well as feedback from employers and key partners in the communities we serve; and aligned it with goals shared by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education and public colleges and universities across the Commonwealth.

On the following pages, you will read about Northern Essex’s strategic plan goals — Integrated Student Experience, Student Career Opportunities, Professional Growth, and External Partnerships — and learn about the strategies that we are adopting to accomplish them.

I have always been a futurist—someone who enjoys scanning the horizon and imagining and planning for what comes next. One of my favorite planning experts is Robert Birnbaum, a professor emeritus of higher education at the University of Maryland, who believes that the best strategic plans generate new ideas, new ways of communicating and working together, and breakthrough accomplishments that improve teaching, learning, and student success.

That’s what we are after with NECC 2020, and with the help of everyone who helped create this plan, both on campus and in our communities — I know we will succeed.


Lane A. Glenn

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