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Goal: External Partnerships

Expand and strengthen partnerships with the external community.

Northern Essex is a community college in which the concept of community is as vital as the term college. This is demonstrated when the college reaches out to forge partnerships and deepen its academic, cultural, social, and economic impact within the region and around the world. Partnerships with other institutions of higher education, PK-12, and with businesses, community groups, donors, and others, all add value to the student experience and to the college as a whole.

We will achieve our vision for External Partnerships by:

  • Growing external partnerships with four-year colleges, local high schools, local employers, community based organizations, and others that will lead to enrollment growth for the college
  • Growing external partnerships that will lead to new or increased sources of revenue for the college
  • Building awareness of the college as a vital community resource, one that can help external partners achieve their goals

A collage of 3 images of various NECC Partnerships; The Methuen Police Academy, Bachelor degrees at NECC from Lyndon and Regis Colleges, and High School Students at Quarry Brooke.

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