Jan 21 2021 15:47:39

Goal: Student Career Opportunities

Goal: Student Career Opportunities

Provide students with comprehensive career development services including access to internships, career exploration, experiential learning, and job placement.

The student learning experience is not limited to the classroom. Internship placements, service learning, and other experiential learning opportunities in the field provide hands-on experiences, enhancing the student’s value to prospective employers and for transfer to higher levels of education. Mentorship, job shadowing, industry/work-site tours, and informational interview opportunities also enable students to learn about the workplace. Providing students with comprehensive tools for career exploration and development throughout their academic experience contributes to long-term success of students.

We will achieve our vision for Student Career Opportunities by:

Three NECC students in various professional settings; in a Doctor's Office, on a Covanta work site, and in a business setting.

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