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Welcome to the NECC Alumni Information Page.

The Alumni Relations Office provides a wide range of services to promote and encourage graduate success. In addition to seeking support from our graduates and friends, the alumni office also sponsors a variety of educational and social programs and events. The alumni office also works with the Alumni Advisory Board, to conduct fundraising efforts.

Be Part of the NECC Alumni Network. Get Involved!

Becoming an active part of the alumni network is an ideal way for graduates to stay connected with the college. Through attending alumni events and playing an active part in fundraising efforts, alumni are better able to stay in touch with friends and faculty members and promote the interests of the college’s community.

Your Gift Matters!

Donor support helps students afford college, create outstanding programs, and build and maintain state-of-the-art facilities. Donate now to the college’s annual fund, the NECC Fund, to make a difference and contribute to our students’ success.

Ways to Contact Us

  • By email:
  • Dropping by: Room 301 in the Library Building (A) on the Haverhill campus.
  • On Social Media:

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