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NECC Alumni Board

NECC’s Alumni Board is dedicated to engaging and fostering relationships with current and future Northern Essex Community College alumni. The Board’s objective is to develop and increase alumni pride and contribute to the college’s growth and success by promoting an active, passionate, philanthropic-minded alumni body.


NECC Alumni Board Members, 2022-2023

Elaine A. Barker, 1988

Darlene M. Beal, 1989

Andrew Bergamini, 1973

Pamela J. Carr, 1984

Jouel Gomez, 2015

Ronald J. Guilmette, 1974

Travis J. Jacobs, 1998

William J. Klueber, 1963

Patricia L. Lyon, 2013

Richard J. Padova, 1980

Sandra J. Rochon, 1996




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