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Kryterion Testing

Kryterion Testing Center Authorized Testing center

What to Expect as You Advance Through the Registration and Testing Process

Remote Testing option:

Kryterion offers an online testing option to test takers for remote testing. This option does not apply to all exams- this is something that you as the test taker would further inquire about with Kryterion during the exam registration, if you are unable to find the “online proctored” option versus the “onsite proctored” option. Go to online exam scheduling inquiries to the support team at Kryterion Support  where you may live chat with a representative.

Examples of Required Identification

Primary Photo Identification

Primary Identification:

The following forms of photo identification are acceptable:

  • Government (Local, State, Province or Country) issued driver’s license or identification card
  • Passport
  • Military Identification
  • National Identification card
Secondary Non-Photo Identification

Secondary Identification:

The following forms of non-photo identification are acceptable (these forms may also include a photo):

  • Bank debit or credit card
  • Employee Identification card
  • Student Identification Card
  • Retail membership card
  • Wholesale membership card

Due to COVID-19, you are required to wear a protective face covering. We recommend you bring your own. Do not bring in your cell phone or personal belongings (except your ID, confirmation and car keys).

Additional Information

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