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Financial Policies and Procedures

The purpose of this web page is to give you a quick reference to most relevant policies and procedures that relate to your bill.

  1. Communications:

    Student Account/Bursar will communicate information about your student billing through your NECC student email. You could also go to myNECC to view your account details, make payment, view your billing statements, sign up for Fall/Spring 4-Month Installment Plan, activate your eRefund (electronic refund-Direct Deposit) profile, and authorize your parents, guardians, employer/sponsors to view and/or pay your account activities.

  2. Changed your mind about attending?

    Before the start of the term call 978-556-3700 to drop your classes if you are NOT planning to attend; otherwise you may owe a bill, regardless of whether or not you attend. Be sure to keep a record of the course drop confirmation number, for future reference. Delinquent accounts are not only sent to a collection agency and charged an additional 20% in collection fees, but are also referred to the Intercept Program of the State and/or Federal which intercepts income tax refunds.

    Course Drop and Withdrawal Policy: http://www.necc.mass.edu/student-services/current/policies-conduct/academic-policies-procedures/graduation-program-and-course-policies/

    Dropping a Course

    To drop a course, students must complete the Drop portion of the Registration form, and submit the form to Enrollment Services for processing. Before dropping a course, students should consult with their academic advisor, Financial Aid Office, if appropriate, and also inform the instructor of the course that they are dropping the course. Students who are enrolled (matriculated) in a program and plan to drop ALL their courses and discontinue their studies, should officially withdraw from the college.

    Withdrawing from College

    Students who must drop all of their courses should officially withdraw from the College. To officially withdraw from the college, a student must complete a Withdrawal From College Form available from the Enrollment Services Department.

  3. Cost of Attendance at Northern Essex Community College


    The total cost of a course is comprised of a number of factors, including those costs that are assessed per credit: (1) Tuition, (2) College Fee, and (3) Student Activity Fee. In addition, there are other costs which may apply: (4) Blackboard Access Fee, (5) High Cost Course Fee, (6) Facilities Fee, (7) Miscellaneous Fees  and (8) Health Insurance Premium.

    Furthermore, other charges may be incurred, based on individual course requirements and one-time events. For updated information, click the web link above.

  4. Financial Aid

    (FAQ: http://www.necc.mass.edu/getting-started/financial-aid/faq/ )

    Applying for financial aid and submitting all paperwork EARLY ensures that Financial Aid can evaluate your eligibility prior to your Tuition Bill Due Date. Students who submit documentation late may need to start a payment plan to avoid being dropped from their classes. If you applied for financial aid, check myNECC Portal to view your total aid award. Subtract your financial aid from your bill to determine any amount you are responsible for paying. Just because you are receiving financial aid does not mean your entire bill is covered. You are still responsible for any charges not paid for by financial aid and you must pay them by the due date on your bill.

    Questions? Email financial aid: aid@necc.mass.edu

  5. Payment Options


    Pay online 24/7 by credit card or Bank Account (ACH), or Enroll online for a NECC 4-Installment Plan (Fall/Spring Term only). Pay 25% of your bill + a $35 non-refundable setup fee due before the due date of your bill and at the time of setting up your Installment Plan. NOTE: Late payments are assessed a $15 late fee. The remaining three payments will be due as follows:

    • Fall Term: September 25th, October 25th and November 25th
    • Spring Term: February 24th, March 24th and April 25th

    To access this new service online:

    1. Log on the College’s website: www.necc.mass.edu
    2. Click on myNECC in the upper right hand corner.
    3. Log in using your myNECC ID and Password.
    4. Click on the My Information tab.
    5. Under the heading My Account, click on View MyAccount, Make a Payment, eStatements, eRefunds (Be sure that the Pop Up Block on the web browser is OFF.)
    6. Follow the user-friendly instructions to Make a Payment with a Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account or to enroll for a Payment Plan.

    Pay by mail or in-person

    Make Checks payable to NECC with your myNECC ID on face of check. Include a copy of your bill and remit payment to:

    BURSAR, Behrakis Center, SC121
    Northern Essex Community College
    100 Elliot Street,
    Haverhill, MA 01830

    Call 978-556-3900 with your Credit/Debit Card information.

  6. Returned Check or Web (ACH) Payments:

    Any declined payment by any financial institution of a check or Web Payment (ACH) issued to NECC will result in the assessment of a $25.00 returned payment service charge. If this occurs, all future payments to NECC must be made with guaranteed funds (credit/debit card, cashier’s check, money order, or cash). Personal checks will not be accepted.

  7. Refunds, eRefunds, and Lost Paper Check Refunds:

    REFUNDS: Students are issued refunds weekly, for paid classes dropped during the refund period, or from financial aid award balances. Online payments made by Credit/Debit Card, will be refunded to the same card. However, if payment was made online using ACH (checking account info) an eRefund profile still needs to be set up (see below.) This is the recommended method of receiving a refund.

    eREFUNDS:  It’s easy to set up an eRefund profile, by following these instructions:

    1. Go to www.necc.mass.edu

    2. Click on Pay Your Bill Online web link.

    3. Enter your myNECC ID and Password.

    4. Click on eRefunds (located under NECC logo).

    5. Click on Set up Account.

    6. Provide bank account information  [NOTE: Personal  checking/savings account only. No corporate account, i.e., credit/debit cards, home equity, traveler’s checks, etc.  If you are unsure of any information, please contact your bank for guidance.]

    7. Scroll down and then click on Continue.

    8. Review the Set Up Refund Account agreement. Click on I Agree button and then scroll down.

    9. Click on Continue.

    10.  Click on Log Out that appears on the top right.

    Remember that payments made online with a credit/debit card will be refunded to the same card.


    If your check has not arrived in the mail within 14 days from the day the paper check was mailed, you may request a stop payment and replacement check by completing and submitting a PAPER CHECK STOP PAYMENT/REISSUE REQUEST FORM. This form will not be processed until two weeks have elapsed since the paper check was mailed, because it can take that long for checks to be delivered or returned to the College. Replacement checks are reissued by the Controller’s office and mailed to the student.

  8. Non-Payment/Bad Debt Policy:

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Accounts that have been deemed delinquent for failure to pay may be referred for Intercept of State and/or Federal Payments (for example, tax refunds) under MGL C.62D AND C.7A as well as assigned to a collection agency under MGL C.7A AND 815 CMR 9.00, where a 20% collection fee will be added. You will not be able to register for future terms nor receive an official transcript until your account is paid in full.

    Instructions to submit your Health Insurance Waiver:

    • Log on the College’s website: www.necc.mass.edu
    • Click on myNECC in the upper right hand corner.
    • Log in using your myNECC ID and Password.
    • Click on the My Information tab.
    • Click on Waive My Health Insurance. This will take you to Arthur J. Gallagher & Company’s Welcome NECC Students web site.
    • On the left side menu and under Student Access, click on Student Waive.
    • Create a user account (Returning Users can log in). You will need your 8-digit NECC ID Number which begins with at least 2 “0”s. If you don’t know your NECC Student ID Number, you can find it on your class schedule or transcript. You can also call Enrollment Services at the College during business hours. Phone: 978-556-3700.
    • Select the I WANT TO WAIVE button.
    • Have your current health insurance ID card ready. Complete your waiver information.
    • After submitting the form you will immediately receive a confirmation number. Make sure to save and print your confirmation number.

      Questions or Issues completing your Health Insurance Waiver? 

      Contact: Gallagher Student Health directly.
      Phone: 877.320.1711 or 617.328.2309

      NOTE: Your waiver information will be updated to your NECC student account 24 business hours after submission. For the MassHealth eligible students who select to enroll into the Premium Assistance program, you will go through an additional verification process, and if approved, it may take up to 72 business hours for the waiver to be confirmed and applied to your NECC student account. You may contact MassHealth at 855-273-5903, should you have questions about your eligibility for the Premium Assistant program.

      Important: The Online Waiver is the only accepted method to waive insurance premium and coverage.

      Health Insurance Requirements


      If you are enrolled in 9 or more credits, and already covered by a comparable health insurance plan, then you may waive the insurance premium by completing an Online Health Insurance Waiver on the College’s website. You will find instructions below.

      If you are not already covered, and you are enrolled in 9 or more credits, Massachusetts state law requires that you purchase health insurance.

      Instructions for Online Health Insurance Waiver:

      To waive the health insurance premium you will need the following information, most of which should be found on your current health insurance ID card:

      • The Insurance Company Name
      • Your Group Number/Policy Number
      • Subscriber’s Name (Policyholder’s Name)
      • Relationship of Student to Subscriber: Self, Parent, Spouse, Other

      When you have this information, you are ready to complete the waiver.

  9. Refund Policy


    The refund policy for the credit courses at NECC allows a 100% refund of tuition and fees for a specific range of dates which is governed by the start date of each course.

    After the end of the 100% refund period, no other refunds will be granted.

    Click the Refund Policy link above to see the range of dates which will allow for the 100% refund, based on the start date of each course.


  10. Important Student Account/Bursar Dates:

    Semester Start/End Dates *:

    • Fall 2016: September 7, 2016/December 21, 2016
    • Spring 2017: January 18, 2017/May 15, 2017
    • Summer 2017: May 16, 2017/August 10, 2017


    Bill Due Date *:

    • Fall 2016: Wednesday, August 10, 2016.
      NOTE: Students registering after Friday, August 5, 2016 must pay upon registration.
    • Spring 2017: Wednesday, January 4, 2017.
      NOTE: Students registering after Friday, December 30, 2016 must pay upon registration.

    Payment Plan Enrollment Deadlines *:

    • Fall 2016: Wednesday, August 10, 2016.
      NOTE: Students registering after Friday, August 5, 2016 must enroll upon registration.
    • Spring 2017: Wednesday, January 4, 2017.
      NOTE: Students registering after Friday, December 30, 2016 must enroll upon registration.

    * Dates are subject to change

  11. Third Party Sponsorship Deferrals

    Submit a third party sponsorship document or purchase order from an employer/sponsor, etc., which allows the College to bill that party directly with no restrictions. This document is due by the bill due date.

  12. Contact Information

    Contact Information
    Office Phone Email
    Enrollment Services (Admissions & Registration) 978-556-3700 registrar@necc.mass.edu
    Academic Advising 978-556-3440 advising@necc.mass.edu
    Career Planning 978-556-3722 careerplanning@necc.mass.edu
    Financial Aid 978-556-3650 aid@necc.mass.edu
    Student Account/Bursar’s Office 978-556-3900 bursar@necc.mass.edu
    Helpdesk 978-556-3111 servicedesk@necc.mass.edu
    Bookstore 978-556-3999 bookstore@necc.mass.edu

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