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Cost of Attendance Fall 2016

Cost of Attendance at Northern Essex Community College for Fall 2016

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IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to buy your parking decal. To obtain your parking decal by paying $ 8.50 online, see instructions at Parking. Please Note: This fee is not included in your tuition bill!

Costs are subject to change. Rates below are in effect as of the Fall 2016 term.

Cost of Attendance at Northern Essex Community College is primarily based on your residency and on the number of credits in which you are enrolled. Some costs are assessed per credit, other costs are flat fees, based on the number of enrolled credits.

The basic per credit cost is composed of: (1) Tuition, (2) College Fee. In addition, there are other costs which may apply: (3) Student Activity Fee, (4) Blackboard Access Fee, (5) High Cost Course Fee, (6) Facilities Fee, (7) Miscellaneous Fees, and (8) Health Insurance Premium.

Please see below for the explanation of each of these components.

Cost of Attendance: Per Credit Course Cost

(1) Tuition is based on where you officially reside. Tuition is assessed on total enrolled credits.

MA Residents $25/credit
New England Regional $38/credit
Non-residents/International $266/credit


(2) College Fee is charged to all credit courses based on their category, see below:

Regular credit courses $168/credit
*iHealth credit courses $248/credit
**Other Health credit courses $248/credit

*NOTES for iHealth credit courses above:

The iHealth programs at NECC are designed for students to be successful in a Health Profession career by providing a more convenient, efficient and supportive environment. All iHealth courses, both health related and general education, use a mix of in-person and online instruction—minimizing the number of trips to campus. The students are introduced to this method of teaching through additional instruction, and are provided even more support through a dedicated coach/mentor who is committed to the success of every student.

**NOTES for Other Health Courses above:

These are courses with the following prefixes: CHW, CRC, CTA, DAS, EMS, EMT, HES, MAS, MRT, NUR, PNS, PSG, RSC, and RTA, that are not iHealth courses.

(3) Student Activity Fee is charged to all credit courses, except for 100% online courses:

All credit courses except as stated above $6/credit

(4) Blackboard Access Fee is charged to all 100% online courses:

All 100% online credit courses $5/credit


(5) High Cost Course Fee is based upon the number of credits in selected courses.

Level 1 $5/credit
Level 2 $10/credit
Level 3 $15/credit

The high cost course fee, assessed on specific courses, is based on those that require a lab component, special equipment, technology, specialized software, or additional personnel, such as laboratory technicians or clinical coordinators, to support instruction. The three levels of fees that are assessed, depend on the expenses involved in a course.

If an Online or Hybrid course is NOT on the High Cost Course list, then that course will be charged a Level 1 High Cost Course Fee of $5.00 per credit. If the Online or Hybrid course is on the High Cost Course list, then the course will be charged the fee as it appears on the list. Please click here to view the high cost course listing.

Other Costs: Not Charged Per Credit

(6) Facilities Fee is a flat fee charged to all students, based upon the number of enrolled credits. This fee is necessary to help fund the vast technology changes and upgrades, and the backlog of facilities projects and operational needs.

Students taking six or fewer credits $80
Students taking seven or more credits $160


(7) Miscellaneous Fees: There are other fees that may apply, depending on program requirements or individual circumstances.

Type of Fee Fee Amount
Registration Fee, charged to all students $10/semester
Malpractice Insurance, where required $14.50/academic year in all health programs
Testing Fees for Health Programs Vary, where applicable
Applied Music Surcharge $300 per course

MAT010, MAT021, MAT022, except MAT021-01A and MAT021-01B

All required course materials, both print and digital


Application/Matriculation Fee





No Charge

Official Transcript Fee No Charge
Graduation Fee No Charge
Returned Check Fee, future payments must be made by money order, credit card or cash. $25

Late Registration Penalty, assessed to returning students registering on or after August 8, 2016.




(8) Health Insurance Premium, if applicable (This does not apply to the Summer Term).

Massachusetts state law requires that all students enrolled in 9 or more credits in the Fall or Spring terms, be covered by health insurance. If you are taking 9 or more credits, you are automatically charged the premium.

If you have comparable coverage, you may complete an online waiver to deduct this cost. Programs such as Health Safety Net, Children’s Medical Security Plan, MassHealth Limited, any Free Care Plan offered by a medical facility or any insurance policy offered by a foreign carrier cannot be used to waive this insurance. If you are currently covered under CommonwealthCare, ConnectorCare, MassHealth, Network Health Extend (formerly the Medical Security Program), have comparable coverage for a student under age 26 through a parent’s plan, or comparable coverage offered by a plan through the student’s employer, you may use these plans to waive the health insurance premium. All online waivers must be completed by the Due Date of your invoice, otherwise the charge will remain on your bill and payment will be required. The online waiver is the only way to remove the premium charge from the student account.

NOTE: If you waived the insurance in the Fall term, this waiver is also effective for the Spring term, and does not have to be resubmitted.

Premium Costs for the Massachusetts Regional Community College Student Accident & Sickness Insurance

Academic Year 2016-2017

Annual Premium

Policy period

9/1/2016 to 08/31/2017

Student only $1,629.00

Second Term Premium

Policy Period

1/1/2017 to 08/31/2017

Student only $1,088.00

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