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The NECC Advantage

Northern Essex is the most affordable option whether you are looking to earn a certificate or an associate degree. A typical 3-credit class costs less than $450. You can earn a certificate for less than $3,950 or a two-year associate degree for under $8,800.

NECC is also the most affordable way to earn your bachelor’s degree. By starting at NECC for your first two years of college, you save over $10,000 when you transfer to a public college – and nearly $60,000 if you transfer to a private college!

A graphic showing the average annual tuition and fees for the colleges in New England. A private 4-year college averages at $35,720 per year. A public 4-year college averages at $10,494 per year. NECC averages at $4,560 per year. This is based on tuition and does not include room, board and supplies where applicable. (Source: 2011 figures according to College Board.) NECC cost of attendance is based on December 2011 prices. Cost of attendance is subject to change.