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Book Vouchers

NECC allows students to use excess financial aid, after tuition and fees, to purchase their textbooks and supplies at the NECC Bookstore with proper authorization*. If the student’s financial aid, after subtracting the costs of tuition and fees, creates a credit on the student’s account, the student will be allowed to charge the purchase of their books and other educational supplies against that credit.

A standard amount of $175 per course is allowed, but if the student confirms that books for his/her course costs more and if the student has sufficient credit, the amount of the voucher can be increased by the financial aid office.  Any books and other educational supplies purchased will be charged to their student account and paid once financial aid disburses.

Eligible students will receive an email via their NECC email account instructing them to go to the NECC Book Store to use their Voucher. Book Vouchers will be available:

Summer 2017

Session I May 16 – June 16

Book Voucher Period: May 8th – May 19th

Session II May 20 – July 22

Book Voucher Period: May 10th – May 26th

ESL Session May 22 – August 4

Book Voucher Period: May 10th – May 26th

Session III June 19 – August 10

Book Voucher Period: June 9th – June 23rd

Fall 2017

Full Semester September 6 – December 19

Book Voucher Period: August 28th – September 29th

Thirteen Week September 20 – December 19

Book Voucher Period: September 11th – September 29th

Session I September 6 – October 26

Book Voucher Period: August 28th – September 29th

Session II October 28 – December 19

Book Voucher Period: October 18th – November 3rd

Eligibility: To be eligible for a Book Voucher, you must submit all Financial Aid Documentation by the appropriate deadline and have a financial aid award. Students who submit documentation later than the deadline will not be guaranteed a voucher and should plan to self-pay for books.

*You must authorize NECC to issue you a Book Voucher from your excess aid. Please follow these instructions:

  1.  Click on myNECC and Log in to the Portal.
  2.  Click on tab for Financial Aid.
  3.  Under the Financial Aid Awards heading, click on Award by Aid Year.
  4.  There will be an announcement to complete the
    authorizations on the Resources/Additional Information Tab.
  5. Click the tab and either Accept (you can use your
    voucher) or Decline (you don’t want a voucher) the authorizations and submit.