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Interlibrary loan is designed to complement the resources of this library and the resources of the member libraries of the NOBLE consortium. Its purpose is to aid in our primary clientele’s research and provide material not available through this library or the NOBLE consortium. Interlibrary loan is to be used only after a search of the resources of this library system and the catalogues of the NOBLE consortium members.

Who May Borrow

We will provide interlibrary loan services to our primary clientele only. Our primary clientele is defined as the students, faculty, and staff of NECC. We will refer other patrons to their primary (college, school, or public) library for interlibrary loan services. We do not provide interlibrary loan services to support coursework for courses taken at other institutions. Similarly, faculty, staff, or students working on advanced degrees are encouraged to utilize the resources of the degree granting institution. In addition, if an individual needs to use a large number of items located at another institution, arrangements to use them at that library should be made.

Patrons who abuse ILL by failing to return material or by keeping material long past the due date may be denied further requests. Patrons may be denied ILL services if they do not pick up
material previously borrowed for them. All library fines accessed by the lending library must be paid by the patron.

We do not honor hand- carried ILL forms from other institutions, nor will we provide a NECC patron with hand-carried forms.

What May be Borrowed
  • Students, faculty, and staff will be limited to fifteen requests per semester.
  • We will not submit requests for textbooks that are required for courses offered at NECC.
  • We will not submit requests for material owned by NECC but checked out. Instead we will recall the item.

On occasion we may not be able to borrow material for free. All charges incurred for borrowing material are the responsibility of the patron. No charges for borrowing will be accessed without the patron’s authorization.

Patron’s Responsibility
  • To use interlibrary loan services, the patron must have a valid NECC library card.
  • The patron must have thoroughly checked the holdings of the NECC library and the NOBLE consortium before submitting a request.
  • All ILL requests must include full bibliographic information. The patron may fill out the Interlibrary Loan Request Form in person or submit the request to the librarian in charge of interlibrary
    loan services via e-mail.
  • The borrower must agree to pick up the material at the NECC library in a timely manner.
    The borrower must agree to return the material by the due date.
    The borrower must agree to pay any charges levied by the lending library.
    The borrower must agree to any restrictions stipulated by the lending library.

Last updated: 3/14/2008

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