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Spring 2023 Honors Courses

Note: ANY interested student may enroll in Honors Courses (EXCEPT the Honors Seminar) regardless of your GPA!

Honors Seminar (HON200-HON CRN1660)


Instructors: Mark Reinhold (Science) and Tom Greene (English)

Haverhill T/R 12:30-1:45

For thousands of years, dinosaur bones sparked images of dragons and other fanciful beasts in cultures around the world. At the Great Exhibition of the 1850’s our obsession with these beasts exploded. In art, literature, film, and popular culture, dinosaurs have secured a place in the imagination. Using an interdisciplinary approach combining biology/paleontology with literary/cultural studies, this course examines the popularity of, and controversies about, our prehistoric cousins. GPA 3.2+ required.

Honors English Composition II  (ENG102-HON CRN1774)

Haverhill M/W 9:30-10:45

Instructor: Ginger Hurajt

Honors English Composition II (ENG102-LHN CRN1775)

Lawrence T/R 11:00-12:15

Instructor: Michael Jackson

Honors Anatomy and Physiology I  (BIO121-HON CRN1891)

This is an ONLINE section 

Instructor: Maria Carles

Honors General Chemistry (CHM121-LHN CRN1894)

Lawrence M/W 11:00-1:30

Instructor: Pamela Hallock

Honors American Literature II (LIT202-HON CRN1777)

This is an ONLINE section

Instructor: Barbara Stachniewicz

Honors World Civilization II (HIS122-LHN CRN1776)

Lawrence T/R 12:30-1:45

Instructor: Stephen Russell

Honors Statistics (MAT125-LHN CRN1832)

Haverhill M/W 8:00-9:40

Instructor: Rachel King

Honors Public Speaking (COM111-1773)

Haverhill M/W 9:30-10:45

Instructor: Brianne Beatrice



For information about the Commonwealth Honors Program at NECC, contact:

Professor Ginger Hurajt, Honors Coordinator

Office: C-317 B

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