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Students of Culinary Arts preparing a dish

Learn the art of food service with NECC’s Culinary Arts program

The Culinary Arts AAS Degree, a program of the Business department, will prepare students for entry into the culinary field and enable incumbent workers to enhance their skills within their current position, or prepare for increased responsibilities. Students will receive a strong foundation in the many facets and professional settings of food service from culinary basics to food preparation and cooking techniques, baking, nutrition, safety and sanitation, cost controls and front of house management.

Because of NECC

Graduates will be prepared for employment in the culinary industry at above entry level. A minimum of 60 credits is required. You can:

  • Earn the 60 credit certificate full or part time
  • Develop your skills in courses such as
    • Restaurant Operations (Front of House & Back of House)
    • Banquet Operations (Front of House & Back of House)
    • And Cooking Techniques
  • Gain practical experience through a required program internship

Courses and Requirements

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Program Pathway

A pathway is the most efficient sequence of courses semester-to-semester recommended for students to complete their degree. View the suggested pathway for this certificate.


Program Manager

Program Manager

Denis Boucher, Program Manager


Additional Information

Student Learning Outcomes - Culinary Arts

Student Learning Outcomes – Culinary Arts

At NECC, the mission “is to educate and inspire our students to succeed. We provide a welcoming environment focused on teaching and learning—strongly committed to unlocking the potential within each student and empowering our diverse community of learners to meet their individual goals. We are a community college dedicated to creating vibrant and innovative opportunities that encourage excellence and enhance the cultural and economic life of our region.” The mission of the culinary degree is consistent with the mission of the college. Through hands-on labs and experiential learning our students will be inspired, engaged and encouraged to master skills that will prepare them for a successful career. We will encourage life-long learning as the students experience new challenges and opportunities each day in their culinary labs. Through smaller lab class sizes we will learn what each student aspires to achieve with his/her career and we can draw the road map of how each skill or techniques will bring them to their goals. Our campus, housed in The Height, is in the heart of Haverhill. The experience working in the restaurant will expose them to the diversity and culture of the region and hopefully inspire them to apply their talents locally after graduation. Through a vibrant advisory board we will keep the program current, inspirational and innovative- always introducing the latest industry trends in our classrooms. The general education courses included in the program are designed to create well rounded, critical thinking professionals. The courses selected will work in concert with the program specific courses to prepare the students for the real world challenges of a professional career in the food services industry.

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