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Launch a Dynamic Career in Computer Software Applications at NECC!

Computers and software applications are used by almost every business today, creating a large demand for individuals who understand how to make the most of these critical technology tools. NECC’s Associate degree provides a shortcut to success, enabling you to complete the foundational courses a bachelor’s degree requires at a much lower cost.

Why Choose NECC?

The program includes foundational coursework in applications, database management, information security, and web development, as well as liberal arts courses that emphasize clear communications (as a professional, you’ll often be required to explain technical issues to people without technical knowledge). In this program you will:

  • Learn and work in computer labs with state-of-the-art hardware and software
  • Be taught by professionals with many years of experience
  • Have access to tutors and career advisers
  • Gain real-world experience through internships
  • Save thousands on the cost of earning a bachelor’s degree, a requirement for most careers

Because of NECC

You will acquire a broad skill set in word processing and spreadsheet applications, understand data management and cyber security basics, learn best practices for webpage design, and develop strong communication skills.  After completing this program you can:

  • Transfer to a bachelor degree program in computer science, information technology or computer security, or a related field
  • Pursue entry level jobs in technical support or office management
  • Save on the cost of earning a bachelor’s degree while benefiting from NECC’s educational supportive staff and resources


I wanted to find a career that I would be totally engaged in … It’s been a great experience.”

Jason DeCosta, Computer Information Sciences

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