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Fast Track Your Educational Goals and Your Career

If you are a current law enforcement practitioner in the public or private sectors and would like to earn your Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, this program is for you.

Why Choose NECC?

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This program was designed to meet specific needs of hose currently working in law enforcement. With this Accelerated Criminal Justice Degree you can:

  • Receive consideration of college credit for relevant criminal justice or military training reducing degree completion time
  • Take Challenge Exams that enable you to test out of courses, reducing degree completion time
  • Take advantage of Competency Based Courses that enable you to accelerate through material you know already and spend more time with material that is new and/or challenging to you
  • Gain real-world experience through internships
  • Take advantage of MassTransfer Pathways and other transfer agreements and save thousands of dollars on your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, or a related field

Because of NECC

You will improve critical thinking and decision-making skills that will positively impact your job performance while achieving an important educational goal that will positively impact your self worth. You will also reap significant short- and long-term financial benefits including:

  • Increased likelihood of earning pay incentives that are tied to education at many law enforcement agencies
  • Increased likelihood of receiving promotions to positions that require a college degree
  • Expanded employment opportunities outside of law enforcement
  • Improved potential to increase your monetary benefits when you retire


Courses, Requirements, and Program Notes


Career Paths & Job Market

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