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Start at NECC and We’ll Help You go to the Head of the Class

A student teacher in an elementary education classroom
As a teacher at the elementary level (grades 1 – 6), you will need to understand a broad array of subjects, as well as how to effectively teach each subject. By starting at NECC you will gain this foundation and also save thousands of dollars on the cost of your bachelor’s degree as you prepare for a career as an elementary school teacher.

Why Choose NECC?

Mass Transfer - links goes to the Mass Department of Ed Mass Transfer website

NECC’s program provides you with a strong basis in arts and sciences through Liberal Arts courses. Educational courses focus on the current Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. In this program you will:

  • Learn about child growth and development
  • Understand how cultural and socioeconomic differences can impact learning
  • Delve into the reading process as well as special education requirements
  • Be able to take advantage of MassTransfer Pathways and other transfer agreements to save thousands of dollars on your bachelor’s degree

Because of NECC

You will be able to join our other graduates who have found success in the rewarding career of teaching. After completing this program, you can:

  • Transfer to a four-year college or university to complete your bachelor’s degree in elementary education or a related field
  • Seek work as a paraprofessional (teaching assistant)
  • Go on to become a certified elementary school teacher



I find (first-graders) are really eager to learn at that age and participate in activities”

Daniel Pierce, Elementary Education


Courses, Requirements, and Program Notes


Career Paths & Job Market

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

An associate degree in Elementary Education from NECC will qualify you to work as a paraprofessional (teacher assistant/instructional aid) in a public school.

To become licensed as a public school teacher it is necessary to transfer to a four-year college with an approved teacher education after program after graduating from NECC. You will be qualified to enter the teaching profession once you complete a bachelor degree and pass the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) or in New Hampshire, Praxis I.

Private schools may also employ you as a teacher. The MTEL or Praxis I is usually not a requirement for teaching at a private school, although completion of a bachelor degree is.

Once you acquire your initial teacher licensure you may decide to pursue an additional specialization at the Master Degree level, such as special education, guidance counseling, or school administration.

Additional Information on Elementary Educator Licensure
In Massachusetts: Massachusetts Department of Education website: Become an Educator
In New Hampshire: New Hampshire Department of Education website

Career Paths

Career Paths

See: Bureau of Labor Statistics re: careers in Elementary Education.


Coordinator Elementary, Middle and High School Education

Coordinator Elementary, Middle and High School Education

Dr. Donna L. Tanner

Telephone: 978-556-3312
Office: C-314D

Faculty and Adjunct Faculty Contact Information

Faculty and Adjunct Faculty Contact Information

Doris Buckley, Adjunct Faculty

Euthemia Gilman, Adjunct Faculty

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