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Program Outcomes

Division of Health Professions

NECC Mission Statement

At NECC, our mission is to educate and inspire our students to succeed. We provide a welcoming environment focused on teaching and learning—strongly committed to unlocking the potential within each student and empowering our diverse community of learners to meet their individual goals. We are a community college dedicated to creating vibrant and innovative opportunities that encourage excellence and enhance the cultural and economic life of our region.

Division Mission

The Division of Health Professions contributes to and supports the mission of the College by providing high quality programs of study to educate competent entry level health care professionals.


The Division of Health Professions builds its philosophy on the College’s core values: Opportunity, Diversity, Student Success, Personal and Professional Growth, Respect, and Partnership. Therefore, we believe in and are committed to:

Adopted April 25, 2003
Reviewed September 7, 2004
Reviewed September 6, 2005
Reviewed September 3, 2013
Revised and affirmed September 2, 2014
Revised and affirmed September 6, 2016

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