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Prepare for a Career in Advanced Manufacturing

A student in the Engineering Science: Advanced Manufacturing degree leans over a table, working on a circuit board. A computer with statistics is behind her.
Hundreds of companies have invested in advanced equipment and technology to improve their business operations – and now need people who have the training to operate them! With NECC’s Engineering Science: Advanced Manufacturing program you’ll benefit from hands-on learning that will prepare you for dozens of career opportunities in engineering and manufacturing companies and transfer over 20 credits to a bachelor’s programs in engineering or a related field.

Why Choose NECC?

Few if any four-year colleges or universities offer hybrid programs like NECC’s Engineering Science: Advanced Manufacturing program, which is designed to prepare you for immediate entry into the workforce, plus continuing on to a bachelor’s program. In this program you will:

  • Get hands-on experience with equipment used in a variety of manufacturing environments
  • Build communication skills critical to successful operations and process improvement
  • Use advanced software including computer-aided drafting, and 3D graphics programs
  • Prepare for high-paying manufacturing, machining, and electro-mechanical assembly for production and prototyping positions
  • Benefit from student support resources, including free tutoring, as well as extracurricular activities
  • Be able to apply financial aid as all courses qualify just like any degree program

Because of NECC

You will be able to enter the workforce and pursue high wage jobs in a broad variety of industries, as well as continue your education at a four-year school. After completing this degree you can:

  • Transfer to the four-year school of your choice, pursuing a variety of degrees including engineering
  • Pursue work as a machinist, technician, engineering assistant, or manufacturing specialist, electro-mechanical assembler, and test technician for engineering and manufacturing companies
  • Save on the cost of earning a bachelor’s degree while benefiting from NECC’s educational supportive staff and resources


Courses and Requirements


Program Pathways

A pathway is the most efficient sequence of courses semester-to-semester recommended for students to complete their degree. The Engineering Science: Advanced Manufacturing degree has two pathways:


Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Jay Fallon

Phone: 978-556-3371

Additional Information

Student Learning Outcomes - Student Learning Outcomes - Engineering Science: Advanced Manufacturing

Student Learning Outcomes – Student Learning Outcomes – Engineering Science: Advanced Manufacturing

  • The ability to identify, formulate and solve manufacturing process problems. Once identified, convert knowledge into actual process capability. Understanding the impact of multiple operational groups on Advanced Manufacturing process.
  • The ability to create and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data as well as understand process flow, global quality expectations and other basic manufacturing techniques
  • The ability and skills required to adapt and adjust to rapidly emerging technologies
  • The ability to work independently and contribute the project’s goal in team based activities
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