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Improve Your Reading Skills for Your Success

Improving your reading skills has life-long benefits. At NECC we offer reading classes that provide instruction in vocabulary, reading comprehension, and study strategies.

When you become an NECC student, you will take the Academic Placement Assessment, or ACCUPLACER, which will help to accurately place you in the appropriate classes to ensure your success.

If you need to improve your reading skills before moving on to college-level courses, you will be placed in Basic Reading and Reading Lab or College Reading. These courses are eligible for financial aid but do not carry graduation credit and are not usually transferable. They will help you make progress in your reading abilities to move on to college-level courses.

Courses in Academic Preparation in Reading Include:

Basic Reading and Basic Reading Lab

  • Build vocabulary and basic comprehension skills
  • Understand word context, prefixes, and root word meanings
  • Learn strategies for pre-reading and using the dictionary
  • Distinguish between fact and opinion
  • Practice reading aloud to improve pronunciation and fluency

College Reading

  • Understand and apply the reading process
  • Practice collaborative reading techniques
  • Master note-taking, test-taking preparations, and memorization techniques
  • Build a college-level vocabulary

Take advantage of the NECC Tutoring Center

You can get assistance with your reading (and other) courses from friendly, professional and peer tutors on a walk-in basis on both the Haverhill and Lawrence campuses. Free tutoring is available days, evenings, and online. MORE about the Tutoring Center Print viewPrint View

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