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Increase Your Global Awareness

Are you interested in other cultures? Do you like to travel and see new places and have new experiences? Do you want to gain an edge in the job market when you graduate by increasing your global awareness? Then you will benefit from NECC’s International Studies opportunities.

You can take advantage of short course opportunities to visit another country, study abroad for a semester, or increase your global awareness right here on campus by participating in One Geographic Region events or becoming a Global Scholar.

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Short Courses
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Frequently Asked Questions on Studying Abroad

Why should I study abroad?
Who Can Study Abroad?
Where Can I Go?
Do I Need to Speak the Language of the Country I Choose?
Where will I live?
What Does It Cost?
Is Financial Aid Available?
How Do I Apply?
Where do I get more information?
What Do These Trips Cost?
When Do the Trips Take Place?
How Do I Get More Information on Upcoming Trips?
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