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Frequently Asked Questions for CBE

What Is Competency Based Education (CBE)?
Is CBE Right for Me?
What makes this program unique?
How Is a CBE Course Different From a Traditional Online Course?
What Kind of Assignments Can I Expect in a CBE Course?
Are There Really No Deadlines?
Can I Take a Mix of CBE Courses, Traditional Online, Traditional In-Person, and Hybrid Courses at the Same Time?
Can I Take Individual CBE Courses, or Do I Have to Pick an Entire Program?
Are CBE Courses Graded in the Same Way as Other Courses?
What Happens If I Can't Maintain an 80% or Above in My CBE Course?
What Is the Role of the CBE Learning Coach?
Why Do I Need to Take the CBE Orientation and SmarterMeasure Assessment?
What Does a CBE Course Cost?
When Can I Start?
I'm Interested! How Do I Get Started?
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