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FAQs for Current Students in Online Learning Courses

Please read below for answers to the most common issues experienced by those in online courses.

What Are the Technical Requirements for an Online Course?

What are the technical requirements for an online course?

You will need access to the Internet and to email. You will get a free email account from NECC. For email-related questions contact the academic computing office at

What Browsers Are Compatible With Blackboard Learn 9.1

What browsers are compatible with Blackboard Learn 9.1

A list of compatible browsers is listed here.

How Do I Get Technical Support When I have a Problem?

How do I get technical support when I have a problem?

There are two avenues of support for your online course: your instructor, and the NECC Service Desk. The type of problem you have will determine who you go to for help.

  1. When to contact your instructor
    Your instructor will assist you with course related questions, such as when quizzes are available, deadlines and assignments. Your instructor will also assist you if your course contains software requiring an access code, and you are having difficulty with the access code. You should also let your instructor know if you are having technical problems and have contacted the Service Desk.
  2. When to contact the Service Desk
    Help with MyNECC accounts, including login problems for Blackboard, Self Service, and Student Email is now provided through the NECC Service Desk. The Service Desk offers walk-in support in Room A-341 on the Haverhill Campus, and in Lawrence, Room L-242.You can also contact the Service Desk by phone at 978-556-3111, or by email at
  1. I get a “Bad username or password” error.

    • You may be logging in incorrectly. Remember, your login is case-sensitive. Keep this in mind when entering your username and password.
    • Usernames and passwords are the same as for your myNECC, Self-service, and Online Payment account login. They are different from your student email login. If you are not able to log in, please contact the NECC Service Desk at 978-556-3111 or email:
  2. I am having trouble with my NECC email account.
  3. I am having trouble with a course access code.
    • Contact your instructor about this error. Your instructor works closely with the textbook publishers who issue the access codes. Your instructor must resolve this issue.
  4. Why am I having trouble viewing the PowerPoints?
    Many of our course PowerPoints are either Flash-based, Java-based, or may require an additional browser plug-in.
  5. I click on my quizzes but nothing happens.
    A couple of things can cause this problem:

    1. You have a pop-up blocker installed and since quizzes open in a new window the pop-up blocker will not allow the quiz to open. Configure your pop-up blocker to permit pop-ups.
    2. Your quiz did open, but for some reason, it opened under the other windows. Minimize all open windows and see if your quiz exists behind the other windows.
    3. For additional help see the Blackboard page for help with Tests and Assessments
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