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Research Guides – Information Literacy Instruction – Interlibrary Loan – Course Reserves

Research Guides

The NECC Libraries offer research guides designed to help students find quality, relevant sources for a particular class or subject area. Librarians review, gather and organize relevant research resources in a single place so students have library resources at their fingertips. Because these guides are created by NECC librarians and relate directly to the curriculum, they are uniquely useful for our students. Guides can also be created for specific courses as well as on general topic areas (for instance, we publish guides on topics such as When You Can’t Come to the Library and on using the NoodleTools citation helper).

The NECC Research Guides are indexed in Google, and easily accessed from the library web page.  If you are interested in having a guide created to complement your course or subject area, please contact us. New guides are added regularly. 

Information Literacy Instruction

The NECC Librarians provide information literacy instruction for NECC courses, and sessions may be scheduled at any time the library is open, including evenings. Classes are taught by a Reference Librarian, but we require that the class instructor must also be present. Information literacy instruction is highly recommended for Comp 101 classes, but is also useful for courses which include any type of research component. Sessions are designed to fill one fifty-minute class period, but can be adjusted to fit various schedules.

Please note that information literacy instruction is required for any course designated as “Information Literacy Intensive” to fulfill an NECC Core Academic Skills requirement. The library has created a guide specifically for Information Literacy Intensive designated courses to help faculty incorporate this CAS into their curriculum.

We ask for at least one week of advance notice in to schedule instruction to allow adequate preparation time. It is also helpful for the librarian to have a copy of your assignment and/or syllabus as this will help us tailor the session to your students’ needs.

The types of classes offered are:

  • Basic/Introductory Level – Students are introduced to the library catalog, database searching, and provided library cards if they do not already have them. Methods for evaluating sources (including web pages) are introduced, and the difference between types of sources (scholarly, popular, etc.) and when it is appropriate to use each is explored.
  • Advanced/Subject Oriented – Appropriate for any level of discipline- or program-specific class. Core concepts such as search strategy and source evaluation are reinforced, and discipline-specific resources and databases are introduced.
  • Searching the Internet – Students rarely have the skills to search effectively on the web, trusting search engines to put the “right” information first. We briefly discuss how search engines rank information, and provide advanced search strategies for finding quality information on the internet. Critical thinking and source evaluation are emphasized.
  • NoodleTools – NoodleTools is a bibliography-generator (supporting APA, MLA, and Chicago styles) that helps students to properly cite their sources. Students will set up their NoodleBib accounts and learn how to add different types of sources to their bibliography. (This session is most effective when students have begun to compile sources for their project and is best taught in a lab setting where each student has access to a computer. We will attempt to arrange this type of setting whenever possible.)

To schedule a class in Haverhill library please call 978-556-3400 and ask for the Reference Department, or email agrandmaison@necc.mass.edu. To schedule a class in Lawrence call the library at 978-738-7400 or email Jenny Fielding at jfielding@necc.mass.edu.

Download a PDF with an overview of our Information Literacy Instruction options here.

Library Research Assignments

Incorporating library research into your course assignments can help your students to better understand how information is published, organized, and disseminated in the library and on the Web. NECC Librarians, with expert knowledge of the availability and organization of print and electronic information, can help design effective research assignments that avoid confusion and frustration among your students, and help prevent plagiarism. Call Ann Grandmaison at the Bentley Library at (978) 556-3426 or email agrandmaison@necc.mass.edu, or Jenny Fielding at the Lawrence Campus Library at (978) 738-7400 or jfielding@necc.mass.edu.

Online Courses and Learning

With your help, librarians can make library resources and services more accessible to your online learners. Contact Ann Grandmaison at the Bentley Library at (978) 556-3426 or agrandmaison@necc.mass.edu.

It’s also easy to incorporate library resources into your BlackBoard course with a few simple steps. To take advantage of this course enhancement, please contact one of the librarians.

Suggesting Items for Our Collections

As experts in your academic discipline, you have a unique understanding of the current resources that will enhance the learning experience. We are dedicated to making these resources available to you and your students, and would appreciate your insight concerning our collections. If you have a particular item that you think would be a valuable addition to the libraries, please let us know.

Interlibrary Loan

Faculty may need to use materials that are not accessible or available in our collections.   In the event that information cannot be obtained from any of NECC’s sources, consult with a librarian or use the online request form.

The library will process up to 15 interlibrary loan requests per person each semester for NECC-related course work. Some restrictions apply.  Students and faculty requesting an interlibrary loan related to course work at another institution will be referred to that institution’s interlibrary loan services.

Course Reserves

Faculty may place reading materials on reserve at the Circulation Desk at either library for the duration of the semester. The items can restricted to “library use only” or may be checked out by students for a period of time chosen by the faculty member. Current “Reserves” are listed on a separate web page so that students can locate them easily. For more information, please contact Helen Mansur on the Haverhill campus, or Jenny Fielding on the Lawrence Campus.