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Using NoodleTools at NECC

To access NoodleTools, click here



Try the new NoodleTools App on your mobile device:


How to Register for NoodleTools

NoodleBib is a very useful program that the library provides to you from NoodleTools. NoodleBib is a simple way to create, organize and store citations and notes that you need for completing a good research paper.

If you are off campus, you will need your NECC library card number to access Noodle Tools. You are automatically authenticated when you are on campus.

Your library card number is the group of numbers beneath the barcode, and should look like this: 2 0385 00xxx xxxx

Once you are authenticated as an NECC student, you will see the main Noodle Tools sign-in page.

If you already have a Noodle Tools account, enter your Personal ID and Password in the provided fields to access your account

If you do not have a Noodle Tools account, click the “Create a Personal ID” button.

Creating a Noodle Tools Account

Choose : “An account linked to a school / library subscription or trial”
Click: “Register”

If you need help finding this information, please call 978-556-3400 or 978-738-7400.
Click: “Sign In”

Click: “I am a student or library patron”.

Choose a Personal ID (something easy to remember, e.g. irst initial and last name -”jsmith”).

Choose a password (at least 6 characters) and re-type it to confirm.
Enter the last 4 digits of your (any) phone number.
Click: “Register”

For a printer-friendly version of these instructions, please click here.

Also, NoodleTools also provides their own tutorials and guides which you may find helpful:

The NoodleTools User’s Guide

Click here to see additional free products that you can use from NoodleTools.

If have trouble accessing NoodleTools, or any of our online resources, please contact the library at reference@necc.mass.edu. You may also call (978)-556-3400 or (978)-738-7400 for further assistance.

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