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Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees
Minutes of Meeting (Official) – April 1, 2015

A meeting of the Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees was held in the El Hefni Allied Health and Technology Center at the Lawrence Campus, Room LC301 at 5:00PM.

Mr. Cox
Ms. Daly O’Brien
Mr. D’Orazio
Ms. Estrella
Mr. Guilmette
Mr. Linehan
Mr. Moynihan
Ms. Terry
Mr. Forman

Absent: Mr. Dulchinos
Also Present: President Glenn


Chairman Moynihan called the meeting to order at 5:03 PM.


Chairman Moynihan opened up the nomination process for the election of the Vice Chairman. Trustee Estrella nominated Trustee Linehan. The nomination was seconded by Trustee Cox. Having no other nominations, Chairman Moynihan declared the nominations closed. Trustee Linehan was unanimously re-elected Vice Chairman of the Board by roll call vote.

Chairman Moynihan then opened up the nomination process for the election of Secretary. Trustee Linehan nominated Trustee Estrella. The nomination was seconded by Trustee Daly O’Brien. Having no other nominations, Chairman Moynihan declared the nominations closed. Trustee Estrella was unanimously re-elected Secretary of the Board by roll call vote.

Chairman Moynihan congratulated Trustees Estrella and Linehan.


On a Motion by Trustee Guilmette, seconded by Trustee D’Orazio, it was voted unanimously to approve the March 4, 2015 minutes as presented.

CORRESPONDENCE: There was none.


Chairman Moynihan asked to take agenda Item 8a, Motion to Approve Automotive Technology Certificate Program out of order and discuss it under Unfinished Business. Dean Chuck Phair, who would be presenting the motion, needed to leave the meeting early in order to teach his Wednesday evening class. All Trustees agreed.

President Glenn noted that the college has partnered with Greater Lawrence Technical High School’s Auto Department to produce an Automotive Technology curriculum that is designed to prepare students to enter the workforce or transfer to other programs offering Associate Degrees in Automotive Technology. With that, he introduced Dean Chuck Phair who provided additional information regarding the new proposed program. Dean Phair noted that the curriculum was developed collaboratively with the high school faculty, although the classes will be at a higher level than high school. The program consists of 25 credits with 13 credits taken at Greater Lawrence Technical High School. The program will include courses in Automotive Technology, Steering Suspension, and Cooperative Education. At the end of the classwork, students will be prepared to take a certification program and/or transfer. The hope is to offer the program with credits in English Composition, Entrepreneurship, Technical Math and Cooperative Education as created by the college’s Business Department Faculty.

Trustee Daly O’Brien asked if this program was similar to the Early College programs that are in place. President Glenn noted that it is similar, and that this program is relevant to the workforce needs of the region. There was no other discussion, and Chairman Moynihan called for a vote on the motion.

8a. Motion to Approve Automotive Technology Certificate (ADM-3265-040115)

On a motion by Trustee D’Orazio, seconded by Trustee Daly O’Brien, it was voted unanimously to approve a new Automotive Technology Certificate Program.


    Information Literacy Lab at the Lawrence Campus (ADM-3262-040115)

    President Glenn introduced Dr. William Heineman, Vice President of Academic Affairs. Vice President Heineman noted that the Lawrence Campus continues to grow and a crucial part of the growth is the academic services which includes library services. With that said, he introduced Mr. Michael Hearn, Director of NECC Libraries and Ms. Jenny Fielding, Coordinator of Library Services, Lawrence Campus who provided a report on the Information Literacy Lab at the Lawrence Campus.

    Mr. Hearn noted that the college has a two-campus challenge of providing equal service at both sites. However, the spaces at each campus were quite different, and there was a need for a new Library in Lawrence. The plan for a new library was developed in the spring of 2013 with a goal of relocating it from the basement of Dimitry to the top floor. The new space need to provide students with a quiet place to study, group study spaces, teaching spaces and a media viewing area. All of these needs were met in a more presentable and engaging space.

    Ms. Fielding then spoke briefly about Information Literacy for students. She noted that information literacy is discerning and evaluating information, and learning how to use it legally and ethically. She noted that students today are used to using data, but have become accustomed to using online resources which frequently lack traditional markers in terms of connection and context. Information literacy training helps struggling students by providing a road map to resources, prepping students for research, and establishing Literacy as a core academic requirement across the curriculum.

    Trustee Moynihan asked Ms. Fielding about the change in how students do their homework and research through the use of the internet vs. utilizing books and periodicals. Ms. Fielding noted that she talks frequently to students about the use of the library indexes, the need in understanding citation, and proper ways to conduct research. She noted that students equate research with a Google search, and she teaches them that Google is a tool, but NOT research. She noted that as the world moves more and more toward digital media, students tend to look for the easiest route to access information. She works very closely with students encouraging them to read print material for depth and use library printed resources.

    With no other questions, Chairman Moynihan and President Glenn thanked Mr. Hearn and Ms. Fielding for their report to the Board.


There was none.


  1. FY16 Budget Update (Verbal)

  2. President Glenn provided a brief update on Governor Baker’s newly released FY16 budget. The Governor’s budget provides a 3%increase to community colleges, but it remains to be seen how it will all pan out. The 3% increase is based on the budget after the 9C cuts (at 1.5%) and does not include collective bargaining costs. Therefore, the increase actualizes into an approximate 0.75% increase. He also noted that the President’s Council has had positive and constructive conversations with Commissioner Freeland and Secretary Peyser on the budget for next year. The new administration is working very hard to produce a stable and predictable budget every year as they move forward. President Glenn noted that he will be providing the Board with an update next month on the NECC budget. He anticipates a moderate fee increase for students, and noted that he appreciates the Trustees continued support.

    In closing, President Glenn noted that the community college presidents are in approval of the “concept” of a budget formula, but different campuses have different needs, so applying one set of information or criteria to the formula can be difficult particularly when including non-credit information. He will provide more information on the budget at the May Trustees meeting.

    Trustee Forman left at 5:45PM

  3. 2014 IPEDS Data Feedback Report (ADM-3263-040115)

  4. President Glenn noted the following items of interest in the Feedback Report for NECC:

    • NECC has more Hispanic/Latino, women, and part-time students compared to our peers.
    • NECC awards more certificates than our peers.
    • NECC is less expensive in terms of tuition/fees, but has a higher net price because the state provides less financial aid, and we have a higher cost of living in the Northeast.
    • NECC students have few loans.
    • NECC’s graduation rate is up to 18% (highest in the last decade).
  5. Invitation to Commencement, Saturday, May 16, 2015 @ 11AM (ADM-3264-040115)

  6. President Glenn noted that NECC’s 2015 Commencement is scheduled for Saturday, May 16 at 11AM. He noted that for many, this is the best day of the academic year as it is a time to celebrate the success of the college’s students. Trustees will be contacted by Cheryl Goodwin with all the details and logistics for the day. President Glenn also noted that next year’s commencement will need to be at a different location due to the upcoming Spurk renovation.

  7. NECC Strategic Plan Progress Update (Verbal)

  8. President Glenn noted that the College’s new Mission Statement has been formally approved by the Board of Higher Education. He thanked Wendy Shaffer and Mark Reinhold, co-chairs of the Strategic Planning Committee for their work. He noted that the college will work with the Board of Higher Education as it moves forward with its next Strategic Planning process this fall. The Board of Higher Education has some new involvement in campus strategic planning efforts, and the college is preparing to respond to their new guidelines. It will be important for the college to coordinate the process with the Board of Higher Education, and more information will be forthcoming to the Trustees.

    President Glenn also noted that the college’s draft 5th year interim report has been submitted to NEASC, and he anticipates receiving feedback from NEASC very soon. President Glenn noted that Dean of Development, Wendy Shaffer, did phenomenal job in coordinating and editing volumes of material for this report. “It is essentially a scaled down version of the full 10-year report, and Wendy did an excellent job of puling all of the material together with “one voice” and writing about how the college has improved over the last five years.” He noted that Trustees will receive more information on the feedback received from NEASC at next Board meeting.

  9. Haverhill Campus Update (Verbal)

  10. President Glenn noted that there is potential for an NECC hospitality and/or culinary arts program as part of the Downtown Haverhill project. The college has been working with an educational consultant and community business groups with the hope of preparing a proposal that will be incorporated into the FY16 budget. The college is looking at potential partners along the Merrimack River in the downtown and hoping to create ladders of opportunity for students in partnerships with Endicott or Newbury College. These programs could start with a certificate, moving toward an associate and/or bachelor’s degree particularly for Hospitality Management. More information will be forthcoming at an upcoming meeting.

  11. Lawrence Campus Update (Verbal)

  12. President Glenn noted that Senate President Stanley Rosenberg visited the City of Lawrence earlier in the week to do a walk-thru of the Lawrence Police Station, to review the condition of the building, and to discuss the Regional Public Safety Center proposal. President Glenn and Senator Rosenberg were joined by Mayor Daniel Rivera and Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo. He noted that conversation went well, and the college will continue to move the project forward even in the upcoming challenging budget year. The project crosses over many budget cycles, and it is anticipated that year one would require approximately $4-5 million dollars, followed by 2 years of $30+million in funding. President Glenn said that he would keep the Trustees updated as information becomes available.


  1. Motion to Approve Automotive Technology Certificate Program (ADM-3265-040115)

  2. Motion taken out of order and approved – see Unfinished Business above.

  3. Motion to Approve Naming of Library ArtSpace at the Haverhill Campus (ADM-3266-040115)

  4. President Glenn noted that Assistant Dean Linda Hummel Shea recently retired as the head of the college’s library services. He noted that his office received a recommendation from Ms. Shea’s colleagues to name the library ArtSpace in honor of her 35 years of service to the college. The All College Assembly has also reviewed the recommendation, and is in full support of this fitting tribute to Ms. Shea. President Glenn noted that he is seeking the Board’s approval.

    On a motion by Trustee Daly O’Brien, seconded by Trustee Cox, it was voted unanimously to name the College’s Library ArtSpace at the Haverhill Campus the “Linda Hummel-Shea ArtSpace” in honor of her 35 years of dedicated and committed service to Northern Essex Community College.

  5. Personnel Actions:

    • New Appointments (ADM-3267-040115)
    • President Glenn noted that there were two (2) new full-time personnel actions for approval as listed in Addendum A. He pointed out that one of the two position approvals is for Derek Mitchell, the new Executive Director of the Lawrence Partnership. He noted that the college would be reimbursed by the Lawrence Partnership for that salary line.

      On a motion by Trustee Cox, seconded by Trustee D’Orazio, it was voted unanimously to approve the two (2) new full-time personnel actions as listed in Addendum A.

    • Emeritus Status Recommendation (ADM-3268-040115)
    • President Glenn noted that this is an annual process at the college and the Emeritus Committee has forwarded three outstanding candidates this year for recognition at Commencement. They are forwarded to the Trustees for approval.

      On a motion by Trustee Guilmette, seconded by Trustee Daly O’Brien, it was voted unanimously to approve the three (3) emeritus status recommendations as listed in Addendum B.

  6. Appointment of Presidential Evaluation Sub Committee (Verbal)

  7. Chairman Moynihan noted that it was time to appoint a Sub-Committee for Presidential Evaluation as part of the Department of Higher Education Presidential Evaluation process. However, after a review of the NECC Trustee By-laws, there is a question in regards to the number of members that should serve on this sub-committee. Chairman Moynihan noted that he would request an opinion from the college’s legal counsel. Once clarified, the sub-committee would then be appointed at the May, 2015 meeting. For new trustees, Chairman Moynihan explained that this sub-committee meets over the summer months to conduct the evaluation of the President which is then sent to the full board for approval at the September meeting.


  • Update on Students’ Perspective on Food Service (Verbal)

  • Student Trustee Kelsey Terry noted that she is in the process of finishing up a student survey on their perceptions of the college’s food service. She noted that once the results are tallied, she will meet with Vice President of Administration and Finance David Gingerella to share and discuss the results. She will bring more information on the results to the May Board meeting.


With no other business, Chairman Moynihan adjourned the meeting at 6.05PM.

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