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Northern Essex Community College
Student Government Association Meeting Minutes

Week of April 25th, 2019

A regular meeting of the Northern Essex Community College Student Government Association was held on 4/25/19 at the NECC Haverhill Campus. A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order at 4:04 pm. The President, Matt Day, presided over the meeting. The minutes for the previous meeting were presented for last week.

Roll Call

Hannah Benning, the Secretary, conducted the roll call. The following were present:

Executive Board Members

President: Matt Day
Vice President Haverhill: Abbey Tannatt
Secretary: Hannah Benning
Marketing Chair: Samantha Cook

General Members

Joe Paquin
Jessica Jamie
Chloe Upham


Sofia Fedele,
Courtney Morin
Vengerflutta Smith

Executive Committee Reports


  • Had an eventful week. Mentioned about the class gift. Abbey, Hannah and Matt went to Dimitry to look at the correct room for sizing. Wants to sketch and rewrite the proposal.


  • Met with the Elections Committee.
  • Always raise your hand. Also, mentioned that Neomi will be coming to our last meeting.

Vice President – Haverhill

  • Emailed Serenity Massage. May 2nd 9-2 will be the event. Mentioned about if we wanted to go through Serenity again, we wouldn’t have to go to a lengthy process.

Vice President – Lawrence

  • TBD


  • Nothing to Report.

Programming Chair

  • TBD

Marketing Chair

  • Finished Knights Day posters. Mentioned about the update to the website. She also mentioned on pushing for club outreach. She also mentioned that she talked to Ashley Moore about promotion for networking night and submitted the advanced check list for our shopping list.


Mike McCarthy and Deb Craft

Mike McCarthy and Deb Craft were present to our meeting. We were told about the contact with public safety would be done very soon. Mike recommended of an assessment on public safety. The school recently hired a dispatcher who is an expert in that field. It was mentioned that the blue lights need to be fixed and the phones need to be replaced. We should be asking public safety to help us walk to our cars at night if we don’t feel safe. There was a discussion about protocols in case of a lock down and also inform others? We talked about having an evacuation map. There was also talk about transportations with the shuttles not coming at 7. They want to revise the schedules and to find an efficiency for use of the shuttles. Another question that was brought up about public safety. Thinking of having contracted security on campus. In case of a life-threatening situation, call 911 but if it’s safe to do so, call 333 after. Of if it’s a domestic or a restraining order to call 911 but to also let public safety know.

Sheila Muller

She nominated Matt for the Executive Committee for the next year and he accepted it. Congrats!

Student Forum


Approving Minutes

Minutes weren’t approved due to final projects.

Tabled Business


Constitution Committee Report

  • Mentioned about meeting with the committee. Mentioned about hoping to get the constitution approved by Tina before she leaves. She also mentioned about posting them and giving everyone a deadline of 10pm on Sunday to add last comments for the Constitution and Bylaws.

Long Term Goal: Public Safety

  • Discussion was talked with Deb Craft and Mike McCarthy.

Short Term Goal: Collective Voices Campaign

  • Eliminated from the agenda due classes are almost done.

Food Insecurity Committee

  • While Mike McCarthy was still present in the meeting, we started to discuss about Food Insecurity. The committee itself had not much info for this week. Mike was unsure about the Food Closet if it’s a student led initiative, he’s also unsure because he’s not involved with it. It was mentioned how to word it between Food Closet vs. Food Pantry. Mike will meet with Abbey and Matt over the summer with this incisive. There was also advocating for Night students with the problem of not getting any food for them. Student’s aren’t reading emails. The Challenge for SGA is what is the best way to communicate these problems. How can we let people know there is hot food in those sections? Mike will be willing to talk to Students. After the end of this topic, Matt will reach out to Mike over the Summer.

Election Committee

  • Met with the committee to give an update on the timeline. Hopefully to get elections done before summer starts.

Knights Day

  • Knights Day will be held on May 2nd in Riverwalk from 9-2 with room 323 booked. Lawrence is ready to go. We weren’t sure about having Knights Day in Haverhill was feasible. We will save money for the scholarship or to put money towards activities to Lawrence. There was a motion to not have Knights Day in Haverhill but to keep the event in Lawrence on May 2nd. It was seconded. Motion passes to not have Knights Day in Haverhill this year.

Class Gift

  • Matt, Abbey and Hannah looked at Dimitry. The room is 131 which is next door to our old office. It has tv, whiteboards, furniture in there we could have kept. The room is 20×17 ft with no windows. Wants to make it fun as possible. He also mentioned he’s looking for people who are interested to help plan.

SGA Dinner

  • It was mentioned on talking about switching from Café Azteca to Salvatore’s.
  • Mentioned that reservations will be set and will discuss about having a buffet. Will bring this up in our chat next week. Also, was mentioned about doing a poll for a different day due for Networking Night.

New Business

Office Privacy

  • This topic will be brought up next meeting.

Last Meeting

  • Next week will be our last formal meeting. Room was also booked until May 9th making our final meeting optional.

Guest Reminder

  • Neomi, VP of Lawrence will be coming to our meeting. Bring questions relating to Lawrence.

SGA Retreat Dates

  • This topic will be brought up next meeting.

SGA Evaluation

  • This topic will be discussed in the SGA group chat.

Advisor Report

  • Stephanie will share info about the event with our advisor.

Trustee Report


Meeting Adjournment

The president adjourned the meeting at 6:12 pm.

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