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Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees
Minute of Meeting (Official) – December 3, 2014

A meeting of the Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees was held in the Hartleb Technology Center at the Haverhill Campus at 5:00PM

Mr. Cox (arrived at 5:04PM)
Mr. Guilmette
Ms. Daly O’Brien
Mr. Dulchinos
Mr. Forman (arrived at 5:09PM)
Ms. Estrella (arrived at 5:09PM)
Mr. Linehan
Mr. Moynihan
Ms. Terry

Absent: Mr. Schindel
Also Present: President Glenn


Chairman Moynihan called the meeting to order at 5:01 PM. Chairman Moynihan opened the meeting by wishing everyone a very happy holiday season.


On a Motion by Trustee Guilmette seconded by Trustee Daly-O’Brien, it was voted unanimously to approve the November 5, 2014 minutes as presented.


There was no correspondence.


President Glenn noted that there were no new employees to be introduced this month.

Trustee Cox arrived at 5:04PM.


Accelerated Course Options for Developmental Students at NECC (ADM-3245-120314)

President Glenn introduced Dr. William Heineman, Vice President of Academic Affairs. Dr. Heineman noted that academics (under preparedness) is not always the reason student drop out of college, but that time to complete can sometimes be a major reason why students don’t persist as well. Dr. Heineman introduced Janice Rogers, Assistant Dean of Foundational Studies and Liberal Arts & Sciences who provided a brief overview of one solution to address this problem – accelerated learning options for students.

Ms. Rogers noted that the college is always looking at ways to improve student retention. The ALP@NECC model was inspired by a similar model at Greenfield Community College. The program helps to prepare developmental students for quicker entry into college-level courses. “Fusion” courses allow developmental students take their developmental coursework in the same semester as English Composition I. The Fusion courses are smaller in size allowing for more student support, and the results so far have been encouraging.

Trustees Estrella and Forman arrived at 5:09PM.

Similarly, the college has also offered “Modularized” developmental math courses that allows students to advance through the curriculum as they master the material, allowing them to complete more than one level in a single term. To date, 71 students have completed more than one course in a semester. Also, Ms. Rogers talked briefly about integrated Reading and Writing Pathways which allows developmental writing students to take two writing courses in the same semester, and allows them to register for English Composition I the next semester.

And finally, Ms. Rogers noted that as of last fall, the college redesigned its ESL program decreasing the number of levels from five to four and also reducing the number of credits required for each level. The introductory level is now offered through the Center for Adult Education and Preparation (CAEPP) and helps students move faster into college level courses.

Trustee Estrella asked if the CAEPP center is credit or non-credit, and also asked how many students were enrolled. Ms. Rogers noted that the beginning ESL courses are non-credit and noted that each class can enroll up to 15 students. She also noted that there were currently two sections offered with an enrollment of 8 and 15 students. President Glenn noted that the historic problem was that ESL students was that they would begin their work and would never finish because they used up all of their financial aid. This new approach will allow students the time they need to properly learn the language and also assist them in using their financial aid for credit bearing college courses.

President Glenn thanked Ms. Rogers for her work and presentation to the Board.


There were no sub-committee reports this month.


President Glenn spoke briefly about the following items:

  1. Introduction of Achieving the Dream Coach Kent Farnsworth and Data Facilitator Terri Manning (Verbal)

  2. President Glenn introduced the college’s new Achieving the Dream Coach Kent Farnsworth and Data Facilitator Terri Manning. He noted that the college has had great student success over the last few years culminating in NECC being named a Leader College. He thanked Kent for agreeing to be the college’s new AtD Coach and also thanked Terri for her continued support and guidance as the data coach.

    Mr. Farnsworth thanked President Glenn for his welcome and noted that since 2007, the AtD team has been visiting NECC with a purpose of helping NECC students succeed. “NECC is viewed as a poster child, a guiding light” Mr. Farnsworth noted, “the strategies you employ with students are the most successful in the AtD circle – congratulations.” He then spoke briefly about the Student Success courses and the decision the college has made to defer the older orientation model. The data, he noted, shows students are doing much better across all areas, persisting longer and achieving their dream of graduation. He also noted that in looking at the college’s data, the success curve did flatten out a bit, so he encouraged the administration “to continue to be bold in your approach to teaching and learning, your pathways to success, and be more prescriptive with students. Continue to think differently about your strategies.”

    President Glenn thanked Mr. Farnsworth for his remarks.

  3. Institutional Advancement Report: Private Sector Fundraising (ADM-3246-120314)

  4. President Glenn introduced Vice President for Institutional Advancement Jean Poth who provided a brief overview of the college’s private sector fundraising activity. During FY2014, she noted, the college raised close to $800,000 from private sector donors. The college starts each fiscal year with substantial donations to the college’s annual fund, and most of these funds are restricted. She noted that some are endowment funds and are pledged over a number of years. She noted that the Foundation, Alumni, and Women of NECC groups are also very active providing donations and scholarships to needy students. The college’s endowment, which generates interest that is used to fund those scholarships is now $4 million.

    President Glenn thanked Ms. Poth for her continued work and support of the college and its students.

  5. NECC Strategic Plan Progress Update (Verbal)

  6. President Glenn provided a brief update regarding the Strategic Planning Steering Committee’s work in regards to the college’s NEASC accreditation work. The NEASC 5th year interim report is nearly complete and will be available to the Trustees after the first of the year. Also, a new mission statement has been drafted and has been vetted through the process culminating with a Trustee vote under New Business. Once the Trustees approve, the college will seek approval from the Board of Higher Education in February.

  7. Lawrence Campus Update (Verbal)

  8. President Glenn noted that the Lawrence Partnership had a successful launch event in November at the Everett Mills. He noted that this is an economic development group which will be very good for the city of Lawrence and for the College. The Lawrence Partnership Executive Committee is currently in the process of recruiting and hiring an executive director.

    Also, the agreement with Lyndon State College to offer several bachelor level programs at the 420 Common Street site continues to progress, and we are close to finalizing that agreement. Both college staffs are working closely together to put together a plan for programming, advising, student services, etc., and more information on that project will be forthcoming at the February Board meeting.

  9. Regional Public Safety Center Update (Verbal)

  10. President Glenn spoke briefly about the Center and provided a brief PowerPoint presentation. The planning process with DCAMM and ICON Architects took about 8 weeks and through that process, they have provided the college will some initial planning documents, drawings, and estimated costs for construction. President Glenn noted that this project is a huge investment for both the college and the City of Lawrence, and that he will be presenting the information to the college’s legislative delegation next week in hopes of building support for the project.

    In addition, President Glenn also noted that he remains cognizant of the financial needs for the Spurk renovation in Haverhill and also of the significant deferred maintenance needs of the Haverhill Campus. He continues to work with the delegation to build support for those projects as well.

  11. Reminder: Dec. 8th MCCTA Meeting @ Quinsigamond Community College, Worcester, Mass. @ 4PM (Verbal)

  12. President Glenn reminded the Trustees of the December 8th MCCTA meeting. He noted that he is unable to attend this meeting, but urged all Trustees to attend if they were able.

    Also, President Glenn noted a recent Boston Globe Editorial that had really positive things to say about the Vision Project, its goals, and successes so far. He encouraged the Trustees to read the article.

    President Glenn also formally congratulated Trustee Forman on his recent reappointment to the Board. He also congratulated Trustee Daly O’Brien on her new position as Case Manager for Kindred North Shore. And finally, he congratulated Trustee Guilmette on a very success book signing for his new book.


  1. Motion to Accept Gift of Louise Haffner Fournier Education Center Building (ADM-3247-120314)

  2. President Glenn noted that at the November meeting, he read a short note to the board from Louise Haffner regarding her intent to donate the Louise Haffner Fournier Education Center Building to the College. He noted that the motion before the Trustees has his full support, and with Trustee support will be vetted through the proper channels at the Department of Higher Education and DCAMM.

    On a Motion by Trustee Linehan, seconded by Trustee Moynihan, it was voted unanimously to accept a gift of property, the Louise Haffner Fournier Education Center, from EMLO Realty Trust represented by Joanne Fournier, Trustee.

  3. Personnel Actions:

    • New Appointments (ADM-3248-120314)
    • Chairman Moynihan noted that there were three (3) new full-time personnel actions to approve.

      On a Motion by Trustee Dulchinos, seconded by Trustee Cox, it was voted unanimously to approve the three (3) New Appointments as listed in Addendum A.

    • Delegation of Authority to Appoint New Full-Time Employees to Existing Vacancies during December, 2014 and January 2015 (ADM-3249-120314)
    • President Glenn noted that the board customarily approves this every year so that the college can continue to hire full time faculty/staff during the months when the Board of Trustees do not meet. All new hires will be brought to the board in February.

      On a Motion by Trustee Guilmette, seconded by Trustee Dulchinos, it was voted unanimously to approve the Delegation of Authority to the President to appoint new full-time employees during the months of December 2014 and January 2015.

  4. Grants:

    • Massachusetts Executive Office of Education: Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment (ICE) Partnership Programs for Students with Disabilities Planning Grant (ADM-3250-120314)
    • President Glenn noted that there was one grant from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Education.

      On a Motion by Trustee Guilmette, seconded by Trustee Daly O’Brien, it was voted unanimously to accept a grant award, if funded, of $20,000 from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Education through August 31, 2015.

    • Northern Essex Community College Mission Statement (ADM-3251-120314)
    • President Glenn noted that the last time the Mission Statement was updated was 1992. It had been reviewed from time to time, and should drive what the college does. He noted that the Strategic Planning team at the college worked diligently with all sectors of the college to review the mission which resulted in the proposed Mission Statement for Trustee approval.

      On a Motion by Trustee Daly O’Brien, seconded by Trustee Forman, it was voted unanimously to approve the Mission Statement for Northern Essex Community College.


There was no other business.


With no other business, Chairman Moynihan adjourned the meeting at 6:03PM.

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