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Northern Essex Community College Broad of Trustees
Minutes of Meeting (Official) – May 27, 2015

A meeting of the Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees was held in the Hartleb Technology Center at the Haverhill Campus at 5:00PM.


Mr. Cox
Ms. Daly-O’Brien (Arrived at 5:09pm)
Mr. Dulchinos
Mr. Forman (Arrived at 5:10pm)
Mr. Guilmette
Mr. Linehan
Mr. Moynihan
Ms. Paley Nadel
Ms. Terry

Not in Attendance: Ms. Estrella
Also Present: President Glenn


Chairman Moynihan called the meeting to order at 5:01PM.


On a Motion by Trustee Guilmette seconded by Trustee Dulchinos, it was voted unanimously to approve the May 6, 2015 minutes as presented.


There was none.


President Glenn introduced the newly elected Student Trustee Mr. Sam Beverage. He noted that Mr. Beverage will be joining the Board as of July 1st and will attend his first meeting in September. The Board welcomed Mr. Beverage to NECC.

Trustees Daly O’Brien and Forman arrived.


  • Civic Engagement at NECC (ADM-3277-052715)

  • President Glenn noted civic engagement is one of the new elements added to the statewide Vision Project, and then introduced Dean of Student Success Dawna Perez who provided a brief report on Civic Engagement activity at Northern Essex.

    Ms. Perez noted that in November 2014, a group of NECC faculty, staff and administrators attended a conference entitled “Beyond Civics 101: Higher Education’s New Civic Mission” to gain more knowledge around civic engagement since the Board of Higher Education had recently passed a new policy on Civic Learning and subsequently would be adding a related goal to the state’s Vision Project. In anticipation of the new goal, NECC convened a group of faculty/staff to assess what the college is currently doing in the areas of civic engagement, service learning and volunteerism and to determine the impact of these activities on student engagement and growth in the community.

    As a result, the faculty/staff involved developed a college-wide survey to assess the college’s current level of civic learning/engagement. Initial data determined that 12 NECC courses were reported as having Service Learning or Civic Inquiry embedded within them in Spring 2015. 7 other courses were determined to have volunteerism or a community service component. In the end, a total of 293 students were enrolled across all of these noted courses. Ms. Perez noted that not all campus activity may have been reported, but at least the college now has a sense of the level of activity. She also noted that while the Vision Project doesn’t provide a goal in terms of number of students who participate, they are looking for meaningful and helpful impact measures for each institution. Lastly, Ms. Perez noted that some of the college partners in civic engagement (Boys and Girls Club, Emmaus, etc.) provide students with engagement in areas ranging from health risks for students doing blood pressure clinics at schools and community organizations to students donating clothing to shelters, etc. She and the group from NECC look forward to reviewing the goal in the Vision Plan and how NECC’s activity measures up to other community colleges across the state.

    With no other comments, Trustee Moynihan thanked Dean Perez for her report.


  1. Audit and Finance Committee

    • FY2016 College Fee – Regular (AFC15-12)
    • Trustee Dulchinos noted that the Audit and Finance Committee proposes a student fee increase of $9 to $159 per credit (for non-Health courses). Last year the fee was increased by $18. He noted that the college administration works tirelessly to keep student fees low, but given the current budget situation and the continued decrease in state support, the fee increase is necessary to maintain college operations.

      On a Motion by Trustee D’Orazio seconded by Trustee Dulchinos, it was voted unanimously to approve the FY2016 College Fee-Regular which is assessed on all credit courses that are non-Health to be $159 per credit.

    • FY2016 College Fee – Allied Health Courses (AFC15-13)
    • Trustee Dulchinos noted that this fee increase is necessary due to the costs associated with offering the allied health courses which are considerably more expensive to run. The FY16 increase for these courses is also $9 to $239 (up from $230 last year).

      On a Motion by Trustee Dulchinos, seconded by Trustee D’Orazio, it was voted unanimously to approve the FY2016 College Fee for Allied Health Courses to be $239 per credit.

    • FY2016 Facilities Fee (AFC15-14)
    • Trustee Dulchinos noted that this fee is assessed at $80 per student taking six or fewer credits (up from $75 lasts year), or $160 per student for those taking seven or more credits (up from $150 lasts year). This Facility Fee is necessary in order to help fund the technology changes and upgrades and backlog of facilities projects.

      Trustee Paley-Nadel asked what the cumulative fee increase looks like for an average student. President Glenn noted that an average fulltime student (15 credits per semester) would be paying about $290 more per academic year.

      On a Motion by Trustee Dulchinos, seconded by Trustee Paley-Nadel, it was voted unanimously to approve the FY2016 College Facilities Fee which is assessed at $80 for students taking six or fewer credits and $160 on students taking seven or more credits.

    • FY2016 Blackboard Access Fee (AFC15-15)
    • Trustee Dulchinos noted that this fee related to all online courses at a cost of $5 per credit. This fee is necessary to sustain the delivery and instruction of fully online courses; these courses are not charged a Student Activity Fee as the student is not taking this course on campus.

      On a Motion by Trustee Dulchinos, seconded by Trustee Forman, it was voted unanimously to approve the FY2016 Blackboard Access Fee which is assessed at $5 per credit for courses taken online.

    • FY2016 College Budget (AFC15-16)
    • Trustee Dulchinos noted that the Audit and Finance Committee recommends that the Board approve the FY2016 budget of $43,866,179.00 which is based on fees proposed in earlier motions. The increase is primarily due to increased costs of operation and contractual obligations. Trustee Dulchinos noted that the administration has worked tirelessly to keep all costs/expenses low as possible while maintaining services to students.

      Trustee Forman asked if the budget reflects an assumption of lower enrollment. President Glenn noted that it does reflect an estimated decrease in enrollment given the most recent demographics (fewer people are graduating from high school). He noted that Lawrence and Haverhill High schools continue to be the college’s biggest draw communities and include a significant increase in the number of Latino enrollments. However, the overall numbers are still declining due to an overall population decrease. The college continues to focus on retention and graduation rates to keep currently enrolled students until they are prepared to graduate. He also noted the continued increase of enrollment by New Hampshire residents. Currently, 17% of NECC’s population reside in New Hampshire which generates tuition that the college retains (out of state tuition). With no other discussion, the motion was moved.

      On a Motion by Trustee Cox, seconded by Trustee Paley-Nadel, it was voted unanimously to approve the FY2016 College Budget of $43,866,179.00 as detailed in the Summary Report.

    • FY2016 Student Activity Fee and Fund Budget (AFC15-17)
    • Trustee Dulchinos noted that the Audit and Finance Committee recommends that the Board approve the FY2016 Student Activity Fee at $6 per credit which is $1 more than last year. The Student Activity Fund Budget of $640,111.00 also needs to be approved as detailed in the summary report. He noted that this fund is a standard item every year and supports athletics and other student activities.

      On a Motion by Trustee Dulchinos, seconded by Trustee Paley-Nadel, it was voted unanimously to approve the FY2016 Student Activity Fee at $6 per credit hour and the Fund Budget of $640,111.00 as detailed in the Summary Report.

    Chairman Moynihan thanked President Glenn, the Administration and Finance staff, and the Audit and Finance Committee for their work on the college budget. He noted that the college is in very good financial shape thanks to the constant review and attention to detail of the college Finance staff.


  1. Board Meeting Dates for 2015-2016 Academic Year (ADM-3278-052715)

  2. President Glenn noted that the schedule for 2015-16 is enclosed in the packet for Trustee calendars.

  3. Haverhill Campus Update (Verbal)

  4. President Glenn thanked the Trustees who attended the recent NECC Commencement. Approximately 1,300 students graduated this year, as the college continues to increase the number of students who persist to their goal of graduation. “We’ve made remarkable progress toward the goal of increasing graduates, even though enrollment is declining” he noted. President Glenn also thanked and congratulated Ernie Greenslade, Director of Public Relations and Marcy Yeager, Interim Director of NECC’s Cultural and International Studies Institute who co-chaired the Commencement Committee. President Glenn noted that there is an upcoming Police Academy Graduation and noted that Thomas Fleming will speak about that later on in the meeting.

    President Glenn also gave a brief update on the planning around the upcoming Spurk renovation. He noted that the project has grown in scope and working with DCAMM, the funding and upgrades will now touch every building on this campus. Part of the relocation plan (for those who work in the Spurk building) is to use space at Opportunity Works for offices and classrooms. Also, the college continues to work with the Mayor’s office, the local legislative delegation, and other partners as we pursue the possibility of a hospitality/culinary arts program in downtown Haverhill in conjunction with Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School.

  5. Lawrence Campus Update (Verbal)

  6. President Glenn noted that thanks to the work of the Institutional Advancement staff and the Foundation, he received a call from the college’s attorney, and the Louise Haffner Education Center will officially be turned over to the College as of noon on May 28th. As of June 1, the College will be responsible for all maintenance of the building. The building is valued at $1.4 million and the college thanks the Fournier family for their generous donation.

    President Glenn also noted that Dr. Noemi Custodia-Lora, NECC’s Executive Director of the Lawrence Campus has recently worked with Telemundo (which is owned by NBC Universal) to air radio commercials for NECC every 3 hours. This effort has great outreach to the Latino community with a current estimate of 142K people right now. President Glenn thanked Dr. Custodia-Lora for her continued work on behalf of the college and the Lawrence Community.

    President Glenn noted that the Lawrence Partnership continues to make progress and is preparing to launch a new strategic plan in the fall. Recently, members of the Executive Committee met with a group from Mass Inc. /Commonwealth Magazine and hosted Secretary Jay Ash to talk about the Lawrence Partnership specifically, but to also have a more general conversation on how groups like the Lawrence Partnership drive economic development in and around gateway cities. President Glenn noted he would keep the Trustees updated on Lawrence Partnership activities in the future.

  7. Strategic Planning Update (Verbal)

  8. President Glenn noted that he and other key members of the College’s Strategic Planning Steering Committee will attend a meeting on June 3rd at the Board of Higher Education to discuss the college’s future strategic planning efforts. BHE will provide an overview and expectation of how the Vision Project goals should dovetail with the college’s future planning. More information will be provided to trustees in the fall.

    President Glenn also spoke briefly about the NEASC report. Final touches are being done to the report now, and it will be going to the printer in July for early fall submission.

  9. Police Academy Update – Thomas Fleming, Program Consultant (Verbal)

  10. President Glenn introduced Thomas Fleming, NECC’s Program Consultant and prior Lowell police officer and director of recruitment and hiring. President Glenn noted that Mr. Fleming has done an outstanding job in getting the college’s first Police Academy off the ground, and the college was very fortunate in securing him to assist in creating the academy.

    Mr. Fleming noted that the new police recruits going through the program on campus are doing very well. The program is overseen by MPTC which is part of Executive Office of Public Safety. In addition to the 5 academies across the state, the MPTC also oversees other Law Enforcement agencies such as the MBTA, etc. Mr. Fleming noted that the college facilities are excellent for this training and overall very impressive. The campus environment fits well with the vision of training police officers, and the hope is to establish a public safety institute, so the partnership is on the cutting edge of police training.

    Mr. Fleming noted that after 20 weeks of training, the recruits are fully prepared. The need and demand for additional training in this area is robust with 45 requests on record right now for academy participation with a majority in Essex County. Graduates of the program are its best marketing tool. The average age of a recruit is 24-25 years old.

    Mr. Fleming closed by saying there is a significant ability to grow this program in an area where there is a demonstrated need. There is also a need for high level management training, He noted that the college staff have been very helpful in organizing this program on campus, and there are many to thank for their work including George Moriarty, David Gingerella and Sue McAvoy. He thanked the Trustees for the opportunity to speak and invited them to the upcoming graduation ceremony in June.

    President Glenn also gave thanks to Trustee Ron Guilmette who has served as an advisor for this academy. He also noted that Sheriff Cousins has also asked the college to be involved in the Essex County Sheriff’s Department training in the future. The MPTC has also fully endorsed the Lawrence Regional Public Safety Center planning as well.

    President Glenn thanked Mr. Fleming for his report.

    On a different item, President Glenn notified trustees that the college would be participating in a full scale emergency training drill on June 1st as part of the college’s multi-year plan to improve safety on the campus. Local public safety agencies will be involved.


  1. Approval of Amended NECC Board of Trustee By-Laws (ADM-3279-052715)

  2. President Glenn noted that the attached Motion was discussed at the May Board meeting and was necessary to amend the language of the bylaws in regard to the composition (number) and voting status of standing committee members. The college’s legal counsel has reviewed and approved this clarifying language.

    On a Motion by Trustee Linehan, seconded by Trustee D’Orazio, it was voted unanimously to approve the revised language in the NECC Board of Trustee By-Laws relative to Article III, COMMITTEES OF THE BOARD, Section 1, Standing Committees as noted below and highlighted on the attached draft of By Laws (Attachment A).

  3. Delegation of Authority to Appoint New Fulltime Employees to Existing Vacancies during the Summer (ADM-3280-052715)

  4. President Glenn reminded the Board that at each June meeting, they vote to authorize the President to appoint new fulltime employees during the summer since the Board does not generally meet in July and August. All new appointments will be forwarded to the Board at the September meeting.
    On a Motion by Trustee Paley-Nadel seconded by Trustee Cox, it was voted unanimously to delegate to the President of the College the authority to appoint new fulltime employees during the Summer months of June, July and August, limited in number to fulltime position vacancies.

  5. Grants

  6. Chairman Moynihan noted that the Trustees generally approve all grants collectively in one vote. All Trustee agreed.
    On a Motion by Trustee Cox, seconded by Trustee Daly O’Brien, it was voted unanimously to approve Grant items #8c1 thru #8c8 as noted below:

    1. Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care/North Shore Community College: Educator and Provider Support (ADM-3281-052715)
    2. Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: Adult Basic Education Grant Projects (ADM-3282-052715)
    3. Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: Perkins Postsecondary Allocation/Local Plan (ADM-3283-052715)
    4. Massachusetts Department of Higher Education/Middlesex Community College: College Access Challenge Grant Program (ADM-3284-052715)
    5. Massachusetts Department of Public Health: Family Sign Language Instruction (ADM-3285-052715)
    6. National Endowment for the Humanities/American Library Association: Latino Americans: 500 Years of History (ADM-3286-052715)
    7. United States Department of Education: Student Support Services Program (ADM-3287-052715)
    8. Pending Proposals for External Funding (ADM-3288-052715)


  1. Update on Students’ Survey of Food Services (Verbal)

  2. Student Trustee Kelsey Terry provided a brief update on the survey she conducted. She noted that she continues to put the data together, but has a few items to report. Students would like more variety in the food options, would like to pay a lower price, and would like more fresh options like fresh salads and sandwiches. Ms. Terry noted that she had met with the food vendor and food committee, and she understands that there is a possibility that the salad bar will return after the Spurk renovation. David Gingerella agreed to meet with Kelsey again once the data was ready for review, and to see what other, if any, modifications can be made to offer more fresh and healthy options at a reasonable price.

    Chairman Moynihan noted that he received an email from the Office of Trustee Relations looking for volunteers to serve on the planning committee for the Statewide Trustee Conference. Jeff Linehan agreed to serve on the planning committee with Chairman Moynihan as a backup. Cheryl Goodwin will notify the Office of Trustee Relations.

    Chairman Moynihan wished all Trustees a very good summer.


With no other business, Chairman Moynihan adjourned the meeting at 6:20PM.

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