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Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees
Minutes of Meeting (Official) – October 28, 2015

A meeting of the Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees was held in the El Hefni Allied Health and Technology Center at the Lawrence Campus, Room LC301 at 5:30PM.

Ms. Cerasuolo-O’Rorke
Mr. Cox
Ms. Daly O’Brien
Mr. D’Orazio
Ms. Estrella
Mr. Forman
Mr. Linehan
Mr. Moynihan
Ms. Paley Nadel

Not in Attendance: Mr. Beverage, Mr. Guilmette

Also Present: President Glenn


Chairman Moynihan called the meeting to order at 5:34 PM.

President Glenn and Chairman Moynihan introduced the newest member of the NECC Board of Trustees Ms. Sally Cerasuolo-O’Rorke. President Glenn noted that Ms. Cerasuolo-O’Rorke has been actively involved in the city of Haverhill for many years. She was the President of the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce, a member and shared executive of the Greater Haverhill Foundation, and most recently is a local business owner. He noted that her depth of experience across all areas of business will be a welcomed asset to the board. The entire board extended their welcome to Ms. Cerasuolo-O’Rorke.


On a Motion by Trustee Cox seconded by Trustee Linehan, it was voted unanimously to approve the October 7, 2015 minutes as presented.


There was none.


President Glenn introduced two new college employees:
Vanessa Desani, Academic Counselor and Lorena Holguin, Special Programs Coordinator for the Student Center. The Board welcomed the two new employees.


Chairman Moynihan noted that were no Board committee reports. However, he announced that he had appointed Trustee Marianne Paley Nadel as Chairwoman of the Audit and Finance Committee replacing Peter Dulchinos who retired from the Board in October. Chairman Moynihan thanked Ms. Paley Nadel for her willingness to serve.


  1. Competency-Based Education (CBE) Model at NECC (ADM-3303-102815)

  2. President Glenn introduced Ms. Kim Burns, Dean of Academic Innovation and Alternative Studies who provided a report on competency based education at NECC. Ms. Burns noted that as part of the mission to meet the needs of the community, NECC is developing a credit course-based competency-based education (CBE) model to offer to busy adult students as a flexible pathway through a program of study. She noted that CBE is particularly attractive to career changers or older, highly motivated adult students who want to excel rapidly though course/ program completion. Similar to traditional on-line courses, students have access to the material, but can do so and master competencies on their own schedule and do not need to wait for the faculty member. This flexible option of completing college credits towards the degree also can greatly assist students in balancing life/work/school.

    Ms. Burns noted that she believed this model will address those complex needs of our students and hopes to have 150 students enrolled in the projected 10 CBE courses offered next fall.

    With no questions, Chairman Moynihan and President Glenn thanked Ms. Burns for her report to the Board.


President Glenn spoke briefly about the following items:

  1. NECC Performance Recognition Awards for Third Quarter of Calendar Year 2015 (ADM-3304-102815)

  2. President Glenn provided a brief overview of the Employee Performance Recognition Award recipients and noted that these employees were very deserving of this honor. The recipients were: Allison Gagne, Tina Favara, and Dianne Lahaye. The Board congratulated the recipients.

  3. NEASC Substantive Change Report (Verbal)

  4. President Glenn noted that the college is seeking approval from NEASC for the expansion of our presence and programming in New Hampshire at the Quarrybrook Learning Center and other vocational schools and partnerships. The request has been submitted to NEASC, and President Glenn affirmed the unanimous approval from the Board of Trustees.

  5. NECC 2020: Strategic Plan Progress Update (Verbal)

  6. President Glenn noted that the college’s strategic planning process is well underway under the leadership of Strategic Planning Co-Chairs, Wendy Shaffer, Dean of Development and Professor Mark Reinhold. The Data Synthesis Team took the results from the Fall Convocation and synthesized the information into a number of themes. The college is now in the process of hosting a number of SOAR forum (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results) which will provide the college community with an opportunity to provide input into the themes. The process is open and allows all to provide input, even electronically. President Glenn also noted that the college would host a special Trustee SOAR forum which will be scheduled in November. He noted that he would provide an update to Trustees at the December meeting, and the intent is to have the strategic plan completed by the January 2016 Convocation.

  7. Haverhill Campus Update (Verbal)

  8. President Glenn noted there were many great partnerships and opportunities taking shape in Haverhill. The recent “Rising with the Tide” event was very successful in bringing Haverhill business and community stakeholders together to discuss shared plans on Harbor Place in downtown Haverhill. He noted that the college shared its plans for the possibility of a hospitality and culinary arts curriculum at that location. The college has had conversations with Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School and Endicott College so far, and UMass Lowell is also interested in potentially partnering with NECC on this project.

    Trustee Cerasuolo-O’Rorke noted that the river initiative (charted from Newburyport to Haverhill) located 15 impediments to navigation/boating, and the hope is to have them marked and/or removed by next season as the project highlights access to the Merrimack River. President Glenn thanked Trustee Cerasuolo-O’Rorke for her active participation on this project, and noted that he would keep Trustees updated as events occur.

  9. Lawrence Campus Update (Verbal)

  10. President Glenn noted a few important items:

    • Eastern Bank hosted a one-year anniversary and appreciation lunch for NECC faculty and staff at 420 Common Street on October 21st.
    • The Regis North/NECC partnership/announcement was scheduled for November 4th at 9:30AM in the college’s El Hefni Building at the Lawrence Campus. President Glenn noted that he had sent an invitation to Trustees and encouraged them to attend.
    • President Glenn also noted that Trustees had received an invitation to the November 18th Lawrence Partnership Annual Event which will be held at Salvatore’s in Lawrence at noon. He encouraged Trustees to attend if they are available.
    • Lastly, President Glenn noted that the Lawrence Partnership and MassINC are collaborating to offer a statewide summit around the topic of public/private partnerships across the state that would help revitalize local economies. The summit is scheduled for December 8 at 10AM at Salvatore’s in Lawrence, and he encouraged all Trustees to attend if available.
  11. Reminder: Statewide Trustee Conference on November 4th at UMass Lowell Inn and Conference Center (Verbal)

  12. President Glenn encouraged the Trustees to attend the November 4th Trustee Conference. Registration information has already been forwarded to trustees, and he noted that if there was any questions, they could contact Cheryl Goodwin, Clerk to the Board of Trustees.

President Glenn also noted that the MCCC union voted on Monday, October 26th to go on work-to-rule because of the stalled contract negotiations. He noted that the single largest delay continues to be the parameters around salary, but hopefully the negotiations are moving along and won’t take too much longer to reach consensus. President Glenn noted that faculty and staff in Massachusetts community colleges are woefully underpaid when compared to other states. The college administration continues to be supportive of a fair contract, and hopes that one will be reached soon. He noted that he has communicated to the college community that we don’t want work-to-rule to impact services to students in any way, and that all parties should remain collegial and respectful to each other.

Also, in closing, President Glenn congratulated Wendy Estrella for being appointed the Massachusetts School of Law Attorney of the Year. The entire board extended their congratulations to Trustee Estrella.


  1. Grants:

  2. Chairman Moynihan noted that there was one (1) grant to accept and approve in the amount of $17,000.

    • Massachusetts Department of Higher Education/Bristol Community College: Allied Health Direct Care (ADM-3305-102815)
    • On a Motion by Trustee Linehan, seconded by Trustee Daly O’Brien, it was voted unanimously to accept the grant award, if funded, of up to $17,000 as part of a larger grant submitted by Bristol Community College to the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education for the period through January 31, 2017.


  1. Board of Trustee Holiday Dinner after December Meeting (Verbal)

  2. Chairman Moynihan noted that the Trustees normally meet after the December meeting for a Holiday dinner. He asked the board to mark their calendars for Wednesday, December 2rd at 6:30PM for the Trustee Holiday dinner which will be held at the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, NH.


With no other business, Chairman Moynihan adjourned the meeting at 5.50PM

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